Foliage Tours from new York

New York Foliage Tours

New England of the United States and the provinces of Quebec, Alberta and Ontario of Canada are the best known for their magnificent autumn colours. High quality accommodation; visit ALL of New York City's major attractions:

When to See Fall Foliage in North America - Recommendations for Tours, Travel & Tickets in North America

Its bright colours can emphasise the poets in everyone, and the admiration of fallen foliage is virtually an everyday ritual of passing through areas where the vegetation is right. These are some of the best places in North America to admire nature's works of art. Few places in the whole wide globe have such beautiful gold, fire and fire like New York State.

When you visit New York City in the autumn, a Hudson Valley outing is a great getaway from Manhattan. Cruising or helicoptering up the Hudson River to Bear Mountain is a great way to see the foliage, and it is less than 80 kilometres from Times Square.

Further southwards, the Cape Cod leafs are particularly pretty. As soon as the masses of tourists have eased, it is possible to take full use of the Cape's historical and nature attractions such as the abundant colours of autum and Hyannisport, the famous Kennedy home. If you are a hardcore deciduous eater, a multi-day New England trip is the best way to get the most out of this colour.

Journey through Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine to see the leaves of late spring at its apex. Qu├ębec is known for its sweet maples, and the Laurent mountains are one of the most stunning depictions of North America's leaves in autum. Helicoptering over Mont Tremblant is a great way to enjoy the colour.

Northumberland Strait Prince Edward Island and the Gulf of St. Lawrence provide a relatively temperate environment, making the province's forest one of the longest autumn foliage seasons in the northeast. The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia on Cape Breton Island is considered one of the most scenic rides in the underworld.

A visit to Victoria's renowned Butchart Gardens on a clear and clear fall is a great way to see some of the West Coast's most stunning exhibitions in autum.

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