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Handpicked by fly fishing experts from the best manufacturers such as Greys, Hardy, Orvis, Sage, Vision and Airflo Fly Rods. One- and two-hand fly rods for trout, salmon, etc. The LOOP fly rods have always found a niche due to their slim design and modern appearance, combined with the best casting performance on the water. Flyrods LOOMIS & FRANKLIN. The mackenzie is designed by a team of world champions and has a range of one- and two-handed fly rods for all conditions and rivers.

Fliegenfischerrute | Fly fishing rod

Airflo's best-selling and prestigious Super Stik fly rod has been updated for 2018. The Scierra SRX V3 fly rod is a real beast that appears with a surprise amount of delicacies every single occasion you need to catch large specimens on thin canvas. Upgrading and exchanging the extremely popular Shakespeare Agility Fly Rod has never been simple, but the Shakespeare Rod Engineers have surpassed our expectation.

Wychwood Truefly's new poles provide a significant jump forward in value and power. The new Drift XL series of Wychwood'pull-out' fly fishing poles is specially developed for the advanced riverside fisher, for those who want that little bit more! Greys GR20 fly rod is a new series that allows you to buy into the Greys label at an accessible cost - without compromises!

The Leeda Profil Volare fly rod is developed to use the latest rod building technology and fly fisher technology while maintaining classic hair. It was the vocation of Vision to track the unbelievable popularity of their Onki series with the latest addition to their product line - the new Onki Classic and Onki Switch.

Beautifully designed, these trendy, beloved four-part poles have a gradual, medium-fast action that makes them good all-rounders for almost any circumstance. This four-part fly rod is perfect for the travelling angler. Vision Mag poles are the quickest of all Vision poles. This four-part rod will amaze you with its great equilibrium and appearance.

Unique to the fishing rod, the patent-registered lengthening part allows the fisherman to switch from a quick acting fly rod to a lower nymph rod without changing reel and line.

Fliegenfishing Rods -- Orvis UK

With over 150 years of experience in rod making, it's no wonder that fishermen come to us for the highest value fly fishing rod in the world. The best fly rod line on the net, the pinnacle of cutting-edge technologies, meticulousness and know-how. The Helios 3 is known for its excellent performance.

The H3 was designed to minimize the amount of variable and use the amount of force behind each translation with amazing precision. The Helios 3 fly rod with its improved performance and precision is exactly where you want it. The Helios D3 is the ideal companion when you are looking for long range; it combines unsurpassed performance with unbelievable precision.

Helios 3 provides strength, precision and sensitivity whether you're angling a creek or a plain. The Helios 2 Serie fly rod is the most excellent on the world. Designed to be light in touch than the genuine Helios, yet rugged, easy to load for enhanced precision and superb lift capacity.

You can also select from the 20 best-selling clear water range and find the perfect lightweight and flexible for every use. Clearedwater switcher & spy rod bring the two hand pouring industry within easy grasp. The Superfine fly rod has the strength and accuracy to reproduce the fly precisely, but with a gentle touching even shy fishs will not object.

Super-fine charcoal provides first-class response and feeling, with a lot of spine to cope with the water ahead. You long for the crunchy, neat casting of the fibreglass rod. Super-fine crystal provides advanced cutting-edge cutters that blend with a distinctly classical look for a fly rod you want to show off.

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