Fishkill Ny Tourism

Fish Killer Ny Tourism

fiscal incentives To learn more about the STAR programme, please consult the NYS STAR Real Estate Tax Relief website. Older people who receive the Enhanced STAR release should check this NYS website or call (518) 457-2036 for more information. To find out more about how to claim tax exemptions for veterinary surgeons, please go to the "NYSVeterans' Exemption" website or the NYS Division of Veterans' Affairs website "Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans".

More information on applying for exemptions for persons with disabilities can be found on the "NYS Exemptions for Persons with Disabilities" website and on the "NYSE Exemptions for Persons with Disabilities - Disability Requirements" website. To qualify for the fire volunteer/ambulance worker waiver, you must satisfy the following criteria: The waiver applies only to members of integrated fire volunteers, fire brigades or integrated voluntary rescue teams who serve East Fishkill and have been registered members for at least five years.

You must have your main place of abode in East Fishkill. For the application please go to the website "NYS Volunteer Firefighters' and Ambulance Workers' Credit".

Travel and Tourism in Fishkill, NY (en anglais seulement)

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We welcome you to the website of Fishkill village! Hopefully this will continue to be the right place for local people, tourists, homeowners, business people and prospective tourists to get information about our historical town. This page contains information about local laws, planning and zone code, calendars and much more.

Here you'll also find pictures and reports from past village happenings, such as our old village memorial day parade and our old village souvenir parade, so spend some time browsing this page to find out more about the amazing four-season lifestyle here in the historical village of Fishkill. Our inhabitants are encouraged to use the "Contact us" function to provide us with feedback and ask us your queries and requests.

I and the village school council are hoping that this website will inspire local people to participate.

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