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The First Independent Bank is the commercial bank for northern Nevada. At First Independent Bank, we provide personalized service to each client while having the expertise and resources of a major bank. Click here for a customer letter about EQUIFAX BREACH - First Independent Bank Welcome. Here you will find directions, ratings and information about First Independent Bank of Nevada in Reno, NV. Aurora, Missouri:

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It is our mission to know as much as possible about you. Every line of work and every occupation has its own unique bank and finance needs, and our professionals provide finance solution and service to help address and outperform them. The First Independent Bank is proud to support the Nevada Leaders in the 2018 Nevada Leaders Survey.

Over 120 regional economic executives share their opinions on the advantages and opportunities of doing businesses in Nevada and the general trust in the state's economic environment. Tailor-made solutions. Find out how our customer-focused strategy is driving our businesses forward.

The first independent bank

As of 1 January 2013, the Swiss Confederation will no longer have FDIC cover for money in a non-interest-bearing transactional bankroll ( "IOLTA"), but will have FDIC cover up to the statutory limit of USD 250,000 per property group. More information on FDIC transactional bank FDIC can be found at NOTE: First Independent Bank is not and has no responsibility or liability for the contents, information or diagrams of the websites linked to this site.

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The first Independent Bank of Vancouver sold to Sterling Financial Corp of Spokane after a severe downturn.

Following a notable three-year turn-around fully financed by the Firstenburg in Vancouver based Vancouver based First Independent Bank sold most of its wealth on Monday. Spokane-based Sterling Financial Corp. will take over most of the bank's credits, funds and 16 branch offices. In order to avoid First Independent becoming another recessive road killer, the Firstenburgs have invested 46 million dollars in liquid funds and other funds in the last three years.

This bank has been in the bank's possession for 77 years. The bank also provided the bank with credit to the value of approximately 123 million dollars. "This is a nine-figure sum," said David Nierenberg, a Camas investment company that was a member of First Independent's 2010 director. "It is an extremely seldom thing - the extent of the bank to which the bank is supported by the mob.

" In 1934 the Firstenburgs purchased the Ridgefield State Bank and later changed its name to First Independent. The long-standing father E.W. Firstenburg passed away last year. Both of his boys, Bruce and Bill, work for the bank. For First Independent, the decades-long, trouble-free journey came to an end when the market slumped in 2008.

For three years, First Independent loses between $10 million and $30 million. The number of non-performing loans reached a high of USD 76 million in 2009, which is an unbelievable 10 per cent of the bank's all-credits. The same kind of fix was made on Swarovskister. The First Independent turned to the Firstenburgs. Families approved a $27 million contribution to the bank's business property, which includes the bank's five-story office in downtown Vancouver.

They also donated $19 million in hard currency. Poor credit is eaten up in the bank's capitol. In 2008, the Firstenburgs approved the purchase of problem credits from the bank. From that time on, the businesses under the control of the families purchased $123 million in loan-outs. "Many of these people we knew, we knew they were good operators," said Jeanne Firstenburg, First Independent's CFO and Chairman.

" The fate of First Independent 2011 has changed for the better after three years in crisis. The company closed the first three quarter of the year in the profit zone, making $9.7 million in accumulated earnings. At least the bank's making cash again. Though the Firstenburg dynasty has come to the conclusion that the outlook for smaller financial institutions like theirs will be tough.

"You will see many joint venture bankers merging or selling", Jeanne Firstenburg said ahead. "After all, the Galileo couple is fond of him and believes that there is a great deal of intercultural convergence between the two bodies. CEO of sterling, Gregeibly, said First Independent provides Sterling with asset and expertise in an important part of his area.

It" offers an appealing way to purchase a sound communitybank excess within our identifiable strategy base of economic expansion along the I-5 range. "First Independent's additions to asset base range from the twelfth to the sext biggest bank in the Portland-Vancouver area. The First Independent Group has 240 employees. Swarovski officers said there would be some reduction.

sterling gets $691 million in nuclear first independent deposits in deals, as well as $455 million of the assets under administration from the first independent's property and confidence operations, 14 offices in Clark County and two in Portland. The first step for the Company is to receive a $8 million bonus on the carrying value of its first independent asset.

The Group has committed to make an additional payment of $17 million in 18 consecutive periods on the basis of the conditional capital of the First Independent loan and Sterling's capacity to retain the Group' s post-closing asset.

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