Federal Bank new York

Bundesbank New York

Hints for a visit to the Federal Reserve Bank in NYC Situated in the heartland of the Manhattan finance quarter, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York provides free visitor trips. Included in the tour is an introductory tour of the US bank system and the Fed's involvement in the US business, as well as the opportunity to explore Gold Vault five floors below.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York is one of 12 local Federal Reserve Bank. Situated in the Manhattan finance quarter, free guided visits to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York provide the visitor with a one-time experience of the gold vault and the Federal Reserve System and its part in the U.S. business community.

It'?s the story of it. Your travel leader will then take you through some hands-on items, such as a bullion that seems to be within your grasp, and a $100 bill-screen. Teenagers can get to know a great deal about the US business and how to make a living, as well as about the Federal Reserve System by studying these screens.

Because the Federal Reserve Bank of New York does not process banknotes in Manhattan, there is a brief tutorial on how the Federal Reserve processes banknotes and how new currencies are put into circulation and older banknotes are used. A five-storey descent under the road to see the gold vault is the high point of the city.

You' ll be amazed that almost all of the bank's bullion is held by overseas NCBs and global financial institution. You can easily overlook the bank buildings on the way. Booking is required to visit the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, but visitors can visit the building but cannot see the safe.

The guided visits last about one hr and start every day from 9:30 - 15:30 o'clock. During the trip no notes or photos are permitted. Opening hours: Monday-Friday except bank holiday; open to the general public by reservation only. Entrance is free, but you must book at least five working nights in advanced.

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