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Boston, Massachusetts. BRIGHHHAM and WOMEN'S FAULKNER HOSPITAL The Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital (BWFH) is a 162-bed non-profit educational hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 1900, it is situated in the vicinity of the Jamaica Plain opposite the Arnold Arboretum and only 5.5 km from Longwood Medical and Academic Area. The Faulkner Hospital merged with Brigham and Women's Hospital in 1998 and formed a joint holding called Brigham and Women's/Faulkner Hospitals, a member of Partners HealthCare.

As a result, Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital will provide many of the same doctors and service as Brigham and Women's Hospital.

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The Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital is a non-profit educational hospital with 150 beds in southwestern Boston. Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital, established in 1900, provides a full range of health, surgery, psychiatric, emergencies, outpatient and diagnostics treatment. Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital is a place where employees are concerned about patient and family needs that are dependent on the superior healthcare, dedication to service and the level of individual service they receive from the school.

The Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital offers a comfortable ambience, comfortable rooms, a patient-friendly atmosphere and caring employees are just some of the many facets of nursing that people say make a big impact.

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A hostess who tied my wrist, a hospital-girl who took my vital signs, the health insurers, an assistant doctor who patched me up, and the monitoring assistant doctor and the attending doctor saw me. Faulkner took good charge of me while I no longer wanted to go to the emergency room.

Being in a hospital is shit anyway, you might think they could be pretending to have a little more sympathy for ill sickness. Brief history, they do a good work ( "at least for me"), but nothing out of the ordinary, and I wish they were a little indulgent with ill souls.

Personnel and nursing were impolite and unkind. Hope we never have to go back to that hospital, much better care and nursing in Boston itself. But not the kindest personnel that was a nursing outside should be impolite but proficient. The next case Norwood nearer (doesn't go to Brockton) or Newton Wellesley, which is a bonny medical building.

With B & W per se they have great doctors etc just no spending that ER and some personnel leave something to be wanted. She is a very committed and sympathetic shealer and I cannot talk high enough about the lymphoedema programme at Faulkner Hospital in general and Patricia Cabral in particular! There' should be a permanent hostess checking in the folks, but there aren't.

There are five persons in the lounge. Magnificent facilities and personnel. They came here for back operation and had a hard time as best they could without being counterfeit or arrogant. "Therefore, the personnel was overloaded and the patient was handled with sufficient convenience and caution. Note that I am only talking about the number of employees compared to the number of clients and NOT about the competence of the physicians or nursing team.

From the first check-in we had to wait almost 2 hours without hearing a single note from the personnel. and the only enchanting thing was the check-in personnel in the waitress. I' m amazed at the ineffectiveness and politeness of the people. Today I was in Faulkner for a day's operation, and it was a beginning to the end of the catastrophe.

Allow me to begin by saying that I am an uncomplicated, experienced 1940s female and had a large operation there about 5 years ago that went well. From Cape Cod we got to Faulkner vs. BW more easily. To be honest, the sisters were uncompetent and impolite.

Before the operation it is your task to take over vital functions, enter up-to-date health information and begin the operation. It is usually a 10 minutes long process and they let your host families know that and that they are coming and getting them because the host families are able to join you once the IV is in.

and it was about three mins., one gunshot and ready. Well, Sister Patty McCarthy wrap my arms in hot covers and put all her iv provisions on my belly. Well, half an hours later, after 4 floors and the call of another nurse who pokes me twice, you guessed what they do?

Now my operation is late and my mum and dad are just trying to figure out what's up. At last a nursing comes in with an ultrasound to look for my blood vessels. But this new orderly decides to stab me two more time before she uses the ultrasound - I mean, these nurses are so vain that they all think they can do it, but they can't!

By the time she gets it, she doesn't have the right hose and my bloody stuff splashes all over the ground, beds, blankets, nurses - I mean, it was disgusting! Just once we used a device and almost 90 mins later I get my infusion and can have the operation. Sorry in the pole away from my happiness went on as my sister was evil and again, not very empathetic.

I had a very brief stay with her because I was also out of general anesthetic. I should have had my daily operation go so much more smoothly than she did. But from now on, I'm going to BW Boston. I' ve had a selection of clinics and physicians with my chest cancers.

I had Faulkner far from home, but it was rewarding! Besides the beautiful meal, if I wanted to, all the employees, from the room cleaners to physicians and nursing personnel, were professionally and convenient! Dr. Nahklis and her colleagues from the Chest Centre were there to lead me through all my queries!

It is an institute and its personnel that I cannot commend enough. I' ve just come back from three days at Faulkner after undergoing a complete kneeplacement, no joke. Dr. Brick and all the people I came into touch with made what could have been tortured a marvelous one. Luckily, my operation went very well.

I could not get enough of the nursing staff to take care of me, all my needs were fulfilled so quickly. I' d suggest this hospital to anyone planning an orthopaedic operation. Don't come to this hospital if you're ill. Underwent an operation to fix the big fracture, and it got much harder from there.

You found the hernia and took me in because of a bacteria in my veins that I had purchased during the operation. A number of employees were talking to me about the many changes they thought would affect patients' wellbeing. One B&W doctor I met and discussed my experiences with said: "Care at Faulker is not what it should be.

The name Brigham and Women's can be applauded in front of the Faulkner Hospital, but is **still** the FH, to which almost forty years ago no one in West Roxbury would take their children in an emergencies. I' m late for an interview with Faulkner. Most of the hospital personnel.

I had a horrible visit to the hospital, though. I think it' time to warn everyone about the parking attendants. That is why many, if not most, have to use the value-center. I' ve been using the parking services. As I picked up my limousine, they brought the limousine back with the windows all the way down.

I tried to scroll up the windows and it didn't go all the way up. Chamberlain smashed the windows. You said that the first servant's windows worked well (they confessed that they worked!!!!). You said the second servant was unable to retract the screen.

Someone who took the story said it seemed like the windows had gone off the route. {\Which to me sounded if the servant was rolling the windows down (not completely) and then leaning out the windows, it could have broken). They tried to tell it as if they had no idea when they gave me the vehicle with the windows all the way down and they said NOTHING.... I mentioned that it was 10° outside and we got a blizzard later that night.

So, while the hospital personnel is good, you run the danger of your vehicle breaking down and you don't take it on. When I decided that I no longer wanted to use any of the contraceptives I had often decided to have an operation. I' ve never been here before and to be perfectly frank, I was a little angry when I found out that my operation wasn't going to be done at BWH.

But my mother, who works for Sponging, assures me that this hospital is great. So, we arrive a few month later on the night of my operation. All the sisters and helpers were so kind and thoughtful that they made fun and small-talked me and I sincerely forgotten that I was in the anteroom.

It was so thoughtful and without me even saying that I get travel illness and am very scared in my horoscope, so he prescribes something for each of them before the operation. Obviously I don't recall the operation, but when I awoke I was in so much tears and aches.

Nurses ran in and reassured me that everything was all right, gave me more medication and I went back to bed. I' m working in a hospital and I was unbelievably struck by CNA. but I am so moved by everyone in this institution!

In a teleconference, my mother (a former OR nurse) gave her staff a fervent account of The Faulkner, and I would definitely advise anyone to do some kind of work.

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