Farmhouses for Sale in Ny state

Farm Houses for sale in Ny State

Running a family dairy in New York State (Berkshire, NY) with transferable m . La parfaite ferme équestre, ranch ou propriété équestre à New York Easy. Do you come to see real estate, or do you just want to explore? Turnkey Nursery Business For Sale New York State. City;

Neighbourhood; County; State; Country; Postcode; Subdivision.

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That' s 135,515 acre of New York property for purchase. New York averages $390,032 for farm, ranch, and other properties. That corresponds to an 14 per cent rise in distribution activities compared with the prior year. These plots of property and rustic properties were valued at $4.8 million.

About three-fourths of a million New Yorkers and hunters per year in the state, although most of them are chasing on privately owned lands. There are 215 state and state-owned reserves, many of which are open for game. There are 165 types of seafood on New York's highways, which include more than 7,500 seas and pools, 70,000 leagues along the river and stream, and 1,000 thousand leagues along the coast.

Like a state with great hunts for big and small animals such as stags, waterfowls and turkeys, the most frequent kind of property in New York was for selling. Sullivan County had the most of the 62 New York districts and the most rustic properties for selling. New York is the twenty-seventh biggest state in the nation by area, 54,475 sq. m ('35 million acres).

Out of this area, 47,126 sq. m ('87 percent) of the state is owned by the state, while the other 7,429 sq. m. are occupied by inshore.

Ecuestrian Properties for sale

1 hour from NYC: The Ideal Countryside Getaway! Sheds, paddocks and stables! Situated in the city of Putnam Valley, you have the chance to take the scenic summers and weekends from New York City. It is divided into three separate buildings, consisting of a master building, a two-vehicle parking lot and a fully equipped barnyard, which can be used as a guesthouse or lounging area, and 56 hectares of land.

From the front of the house with a breathtaking cascade of water and a brook flowing through the length of the estate, to the beautifully groomed landscape park and spacious Zansgarden, to the spacious rock terrace ideal for barbecue evenings in hot weather, which also includes a handmade baking stove and a smoking area, the estate takes advantage of its tranquil setting.

Surprisingly enough, the estate offers all the comforts that only a large estate can provide, such as a paddock, boccia balls and football area. It has been fully refurbished and has two double rooms, two baths, half a bath and an attractive, large and imposing office that can be converted into an extra one.

Coming through the muddy room, the first storey welcomes you with a beautiful open sitting room and a fully equipped fully equipped kitchen, both with a new parquet floors with accentuated decor. There are ground level doors, a wooden chimney and a large parquet floors for a cosy, open and welcoming atmosphere.

On the second storey there is the main room, the workroom and the fully refurbished main bath room with a deeply immersed Jacuzzi bath and a separate showers. The third storey, consisting of the second bed room and the fully refurbished bath room, follows. The utility room is also on the first level.

These arrangements provide a great entertainment, relaxation and sleep area, all within the boundaries of the central building. Two garages, which can be reached from and to the head office via a paved path, are suitable for two large cars and have been fully modernised with motorised gates, electrical lights and shoplights.

Above is a spacious gym with its own cooking area and private bath. It is suitable for both long and shorter stays or can be hired as a separate unit to earn a low rent. Passing the well-kept gardens and swimming pools, there is a beautiful, fully equipped barnyard with a complete bath room, a cooking area and an extra one.

Ideal as a guesthouse and recreation room, the hayloft provides a pleasant atmosphere, as it houses the use of the genuine hand-made timber, the broad floorboards and the railways. Furthermore, the shed is equipped with retractable door that can be opened to allow the sun and hot weather in early and late springs, summers and autumn, and a wooden oven to keep you hot during the cool winters.

There is a large built-in terrace from the master suite, which can also be used as a home offices or libraries. Downstairs is the old stable with simple entrance to the willow. The Putnam Valley is less than an hour's car ride from Midtown Manhattan via the Taconic State Parkway and is within walking distance of Poughkeepsie Railway Terminal by Metro North-Road.

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