Farmhouse Upstate new York

Farm house Upstate New York

This is Amanda Seyfried's farmhouse in the hinterland of New York. Take this old farmhouse in the city of Hinsdale, New York. Renovation of a farmhouse on a budget in Columbia County, Upstate, NY. "We are an animal-friendly bed & breakfast in an old farmhouse in the Hudson Valley, Upstate New York, which has been really chic and modernly renovated. The Tsai country house by HHF Architects, designed for a few contemporary art collectors in the hinterland of New York, fits into a T.

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New York Farmhouse - New York Farmhouse Decoration Ideas

To two antique enthusiasts with a penchant for rural lifestyle, a crowded Brooklyn lofts is nothing like a breathtaking 1700 farmhouse in Upstate New York. Thus, a week-end retreat turned into a full-time-fascination. Andréw Arrick and Michael Hofemann needed room. The two of them lived together with their Ger-man hands Matilda in a 1,500 square meter large lofts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2006, and they wished for a little more room and much more peace.

"And I think they' re coming to the stadium where the town is just too much," says Michael. "When they found an entry for an 1800s farmhouse near Hudson, New York, they couldn't withstand. "By the turn of the 20th c., the place was an inns named The Locust Rest and Tea Stop," says Andrew.

I think we got the first place we went. "Located on 4 hectares, the 3,500 square meter building was used as an casual week-end retreat, Andrew says. So in December 2012, the two announced their duty; oversubscribed the attic; appropriated other businessman, Gunnar; and agaze their Hudson-based residence hardware hardware, Finch. They re-upholstered two 1940s US style seats and a set of Art Deco seats in a sturdy Mood Fabrics fabric.

"We' ve got a large number of neutral people in the building, so we liked the concept of adding jeans here," says Andrew. This 1950s coffeetable made of steel and glas stands on an old, overcoloured carpet by F.J. Kashanian. Accompanied by 1920s bronze and china walls from France, an old case in burgundy is a temporary painted lady's elf.

He and Andrew turned this room - formerly a children's play room - into a cosy meeting room. "There' s no line in the house," says Andrew. "The pair then added a few well-equipped antiquities - among them a 1930s Dansk armchair (which they initially purchased for their shop) and a 60s couch with its pristine gold cloth - which fit in perfectly with the Oushak carpet ( and kilim-covered ottomans.

It was one of the first items Michael and Andrew bought for their house. Foldable antique seats are more convenient with pillows made of nineteenth cereal bags from Germany. They drew the once gilded candelabra with a pure black background and added the subtle St. Antoine by Farrow & Ball paper, a nineteenth c. dynasty portrait of Denmark and old lamps by Andrew's sire.

There was a plaque above the door in the house when it was a turn-of-the-century tavern, and it was a present from family members of the former family. "Used to be you could eat a chick here for $1.99," says Andrew. They added an old china kitchen sinks and restored all the cupboards.

At the back of the building was transformed into a rural larder for the collection of dishes and jugs. Andréw and Michael put an old cabinet in the middle and had a cabinet maker make a cabinet to encircle it. The adjoining room added a contemporary feel with an elegant blanket -wrapped in 1800 duvet - and decided to use their bookshelves instead of conventional status.

Andrew: "I really adore antique mirror, and what better place to present them than the bath room. He and Andrew lend their shed to a farmers for howling and in exchange the farmers allow them to fill their 1988 Woody Wagoneer with Apples, Pears and more from his 150 acre fruit-garden.

"I estimate we have about 40 oils in the whole building, although it's difficult to say because some have not even been hanged," says Andrew. "As a rule, we buy what we like without attaching much importance to origin or fair value," says Andrew.

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