Farm to Table Hudson Valley

Agritourism to the table Hudson Valley

Farm-to-table restaurants in the Hudson Valley, New York. Add to Google Calendar - + iCal Export. Woody's Farm to Table offers food from the Hudson Valley, helping to build regional pride and support local agriculture. The Farm Table is a private cooking service. It is our mission to deliver simple, delicious meals with locally grown food from the Hudson Valley.

Best-of-breed Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Hudson Valley, New York

The Hudson Valley, the main farm in New York State, is an excellent place to eat from farm to table. Lively locals have never enjoyed the best Hudson Valley dining. Chef Dan Barber's Tarrytown's outdoor chef is just a few paces from the Stone Barns Center for food and agriculture, where the restaurant's produce is sourced.

Fresh home-made focusaccia, lentil-vegetable enchilada with curried lettuce and flavoured vegetables and vegetables, which are best served with the café's own bio-wine. Wed - Thu: has no problem to live up to the motto of the restaurants "Silly name".

Here the menus change every day to mirror the freshness of the peekamoose producers. Homemade casseroles, lettuce with homemade cheddars and apples and a Catskills Farmers Vegetables and Grains platter are some of the meals you can find. Grazin' Angus Acres is a 500 hectare farm in Ghent, New York, which breeds 300 purebred Black Angus cows, 1000 layers and 100 cows.

It is also the main distributor of Grazin' Hudson, a relaxed eatery that serves burger, warm dog, eggnog and more. MON-THU:, provider of accessible dinner codes made with non-so-standardizers. Gracie's eggs, milk products, veggies and even the potato used for chips are cultivated on a local basis and are found in foods such as melted bluefin tuna served with homemade canned fish salads, homemade warm dog and vegetarian curgers.

We - Fr:, the world renown Earlton New York venue with a long waiting list and an even better known design. Head chef and gardener Damon Baehrel is the only worker in his name-giving restaurants who gets 100% of his produce from the 12-hectare farm on which it stands. Baehrel himself creates everything from flours and compressed oils to 36 cheeses made with vegetable coagulants, explaining the individual components of the food during the five-hour long event.

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