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Well-known art in New York

By courtesy of the Whitney Museum of American Art. One of the best cultural centers in the world, New York City has a wide selection of museums, from obscure to world-famous. A number of world-class institutions in Manhattan offer art, antiques and educational experiences. New York City's top museums: Museums of art, children's museums, historical museums, special museums.

Top 10 Art Works in New York Museums

It' Presidents' Sunday weekends, and New York City' art galleries are open, so instead of partying our nation's guides through the shops, why not honour them by valuing the best offers from New York's artisans? If ever there was a rhapsodic frenzy, this is one of the greatest Renaissance jewels there is.

Made when Bellini was in the 1940s, he shows the seer Francis not in the wilderness, but in spring in middle Italy. This series of 15 grayscale pictures depicting photos by the Baader-Meinhof-Bande, the leftist group, which terrorised Europe in the 1970' s, constitute the largest series of historical pictures in the twentieth world.

When Richter's fuzziness is his part in the field of olive tree art, this set is his work. Cézanne has transformed one of five images of the game into a discourse on how a viewpoint is painted, The Card Players is one of the most language-resistant images of modernism. Watch my buddy Blake Gopnik and me in our latest movie "Strictly Critical" (see We are spending an hours with Paul Cézanne's The Card Players at Philadelphia's Barnes Foundation).

A 86-foot long picture initially created by the painter for the Leo Castelli art galleries, Rosenquist's wide-ranging panoramic view of pictures successfully imitates the progress of the 1960' in widescreen cinema techniques - such as Panavision and Cinemascope - and Monet's wall-sized water lilies. It is an accusation against the classicism of the Vietnam War and the chef Boyardee, and shows a combat aircraft that collides with consumables and promotional pictures.

Picasso's most famous work shows five nude girls with serrated figurines and Halloween face-maskes. In the 50s and 1960s, an artiste who took her cameras to jails, naturist centres, mental health clinics and mental health facilities was right: "I really believe that there are things that nobody would see if I didn't photograph them.

The Triumph of the New York School (1984). Velázquez surrendered to Breda in an arched monochromatic reproduction of the Paris school's surrender to the New York school. Tansey's 1984 image is an underestimated jewel in fireproof analogism. It' s fun, sensitive and reddish like Mars, and in it the performer maintains puzzles of language and visuals like a magritte.

It is perhaps the world's best example of art historical art. The tributes of John Bennett, Gustavo Bonevardi, Richard Nash, Julian Laverdiere, Paul Myoda and Paul Marantz in Light (2002). Designed by artist and designer John Bennett, Gustavo Bonevardi, Richard Nash Gould, Julian Laverdiere, Paul Myoda and Paul Marantz, Tribute in Light radiates from twilight on September 11th until daybreak the next toast.

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