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Average weather and temperatures in New York City. In-depth temperature information for New York City with statistics on average monthly highs and lows and number of days of hot or cold weather. New York climate.

Weather in New York, New York, USA Average October weather

What kind of October weathers in New York? In New York, USA, the October temperatures are getting cooler and cooler when the fall period is in full force. By the end of this months mean temperatures for the town start at 16°C, caused by maximum temperatures of 20°C during the day and minimum temperatures of 12°C after nightfall, and drop to 11°C by the end of the months, consisting of maximum temperatures of 15°C during the day and minimum temperatures of 7°C after nightfall.

That makes the first October weeks the best travel season if you want to see New York at the highest temperature. In comparison to November, which has an mean temperature of about 10.5°C. Although it happens on averages only once every ten day, New York is known to have a temperature of over 25°C and below 2°C in October.

This is the warmest temperature ever measured in the town at this season of the year, 32°C, while the coolest temperature ever measured here this months is 1°C. With New York's October temperature relatively low, this is the best season for those who like to pack up and go outside.

When planning to visit the town during this time of the year, you will need to bring some fairly hot clothes such as denim, thin sweaters and sweaters to make you feel good during the day, as well as a pair of trousers, coats and even a top to make you feel good on an evenings.

To make the most of your vacation season and come to New York when the temperature is at its highest, don't worry about October and instead schedule your vacation for July, which is usually the hottest months of the year for the town. It rains all of October in New York between ten rainy nights - a small drop in comparison to September.

Since rain occurs on almost 1/3 of the rainy season, there is a very good possibility that you will take an umbrella with you. Precipitation this months is more or less stable, starting at 37% on October 1 and increasing to 39% by October 31.

Frequent rains you can anticipate in the town during this period are mild (53% of the rainy days), mild (27%) and strong (9%). New York has an monthly mean of seven sunny periods per week - two fewer than in the preceding months - and a mean clouding level of between 68% (partly cloudy) at the beginning of the months and 73% (partly cloudy) at the end of the months.

The skies are clear 32% of the year, partially 13% and mostly 46% on an intermediate date. In New York, the atmospheric moisture in October fluctuates between 52% (slightly humid) and 90% (humid), seldom drops below 33% (pleasant) or reaches up to 100% (very humid). It tends to be dryest around October 31 when RH drops below 62% (slightly humid) for three out of four nights, while it is wettest around October 2 when it increases above 84% (humid) for three out of four nights.

October can be quite an airy period for New York in comparison to the quieter summers. In the current period the windspeeds typically vary between 0 m/s (calm) and 6 m/s (moderate breeze), seldom above 10 m/s (fresh breeze). Top mean windspeed of 4 m/s (light breeze) will be around 31 October when the mean day peak is 6 m/s, while the minimum mean windspeed of 3 m/s (light breeze) will be around 4 October when the mean day peak windspeed is 6 m/s. The highest mean windspeed of 4 m/s (light breeze) will be around 31 October when the avera. day peak windspeed is 6 m/s.

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For a relaxing holiday, horse-drawn sleigh drives, cable car trips, shuttle trips and hikes are available to show you the best of the parks without getting tired. With no less than 33 million copies of flora, stones, fossilized objects, mineral and other artifacts, you can view the museum's various artifacts for hours without having the impression of touching the surfaces.

There is no doubt that New York is home to US ball and you should definitely see a match from the famed Yankee Ballstadion in the Bronx while you are in town. It offers matches all year round and is easily accessible from the center of the town.

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