Fall Foliage new York Hudson Valley

Autumn Leaves New York Hudson Valley

Autumn Leaves - Visit Orange County, NY People from all over the globe come to see the Hudson Valley's stunning autumn colours. On Columbus Day weekends here in orange county, every street will lead to a rebellion of reds, oranges, coins and oranges. It will take you through low-lying wetland to the top of the hill after junction two, where there are plenty of car parks. There are three views of the whole valley from your bass, nicely described with interpreting signs. Leave at the One turnoff and pass through the town of Port Jervis.

Situated on a cliff high above the town, one has a broad valley and the confluence of the rivers Neversink and Delaware. And you can see the print you just pulled twenty mins ago! Descend the serpentines from the grounds and turn right into Route 97.

Brief ride takes you to Hawk's Nest, the winding street that surrounds the hill as the Delaware River runs below us. Driving pleasure, this track has been recorded in many advertisements. Back to Port Jervis, take itinerary 6, which winds over the mountains and into the valley, clothed in the beautiful colours of autumn.

If you want to see a spectacle, take Route 211 and turn off to your right at Route 17K in Montgomery. From 17K to the Hudson in Newburgh, you' ll find a wide variety of dining options and three very different types of cruise. Take a boat out of Newburgh Landing on a cruise that doubles the effect of the fall with the flaming blades mirrored in the Hudson river.

Coming from Newburgh, take Route 32 South to Cornwall and turn right before the viaduct onto Orrs Mills Road (Route 20) for an excursion into the biggest statue garden in the state. There are a multitude of flowers and flowers in the park-like environment, creating a true color-blend to highlight the muscular statues that are placed in the landscape with care.

Head southwards from Cornwall on Route 9W and turn lefthand onto Highland Falls, where the oldest army college dominates the Hudson River. From the Visitor Center, West Point offers day trips to the highlights of the United States Army Acadamy and stunning vistas of the Hudson River.

Take Route 9W again a few leagues southwards and turn into the site of Village Montgomery. It is a ruined site of the Revolutionary War, and from the hill above Hudson it is easily seen why the fortress was built here. Don't miss the long pedestrian bridge that runs across the stream for a great look at the Bear Mountain Bridge and the autumn leaves around it.

At 9W, signposted Route 6 and at the second roundabout turn right into Seven Lake Drives for a beautiful ride through Bear Mountain and Harriman State Park. It winds through unspoilt forests with colourful flowers and colourful flowers that are reflected in all seven ponds. From Tuxedo (yes, this is where the men's official coat got its name), close to the New York State Thruway and Route 17.

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