European Day Trips

Day Trips in Europe

Europe Day Trips & Excursions. Sightseeing tour in Tuscany in one day. Pompeii & Vesuvius Ruins Day Trip from Rome. The Cinque Terre day trip from Florence. Day trip to Versailles and Giverny.

Revisit Billund for £34

Places like Billund can be accessed for just 34 per capita in 90 min - less travel to Norwich by rail from London. You are flying Ryanair, and each trip will take one hours and 35 min - see ticketing available here and the best Billundtaurants there.

Departure from London at 08.35 and arrival back to the city at 21.35, departures last one hours and 10 min, see availabilities here. Ryanair at 07:45 on Saturday 20 May, coming back to the UK at 18:35 will bring you back just 45 pounds - enough to take you for a meal, sight-seeing and a visit to the Hamburg Museumsmeile.

The flight takes about one hr 30 min., all specials to Hamburg can be found here. So if you are living for fashions, you may want to exchange Manchester for Milan this Saturday for £54 in returns per capita - but you need to get your ticket quickly. Departure on Saturday at 08:45 from London Stansted and departure in the evenings at 21:45, leaving enough free day to visit the sites (here are Skyscanner's top picks).

Click here for air traffic information. See your airline ticketing on line, your journey takes about two hour. Departure on Saturday at 9.00 a.m. and returning at 11.15 p.m. - then sleeping in during a Sunday rest. Discount fares are available at Ryanair, starting at 59 per capita from London Stansted. Dinner at the Channel or a bike tour of Amsterdam this Saturday, with a £64 round trip departing at 07.55 and returning with easeJet shortly after 7pm, giving you enough free access to the Museum District and Van Gogh Museum.

Flight times are just over an hours, check here for availabilities or check out the best theme park and garden that you can see for free. You leave at 18:30 and shortly after 20:00 with Ryanair. You' re gonna be in the sky for just over an hours and 15s.

There' s so much to do in Messestadt, but to make the most of it, take a look at Skyscanner's 24-hour tour of the town. Get on a plane and have a Saturday morning round-trip pick nick in the Towns of Affection at 6am, return at 10.15pm for a total of £66.

The flight lasts oneh20minutes. When you' re fed up with wet wheather and need the sun, come to Madrid on Saturday for 84, but a 06:20 and 22:15 return pass will give you over 12 hrs of Vitamine dollars - and you won't have to buy a cent there.

Click here for air traffic information.

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