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University Hospital Emory

Well, welcome to Emory University Hospital. University Hospital of Emory, Atlanta Emory University Hospital is one of the world' s premier clinics for cardiac and cardiac surgeons, oncology, neurologists and more. The Emory University Hospital has a long history of almost a hundred years. Our forerunner, the Wesley Memorial Hospital, was rented with 50 berths in March 1904.

It was located in a manor house in Atlanta city centre that was not destroyed by General Sherman's war. In November 1922 the hospital had become too big for its quarter and relocated to its present location DeKalb County on the Emory University' premises. This new 275-bed establishment was a present from Asa G. Candler, who is a Philanthrope and a founding member of the Coca-Cola Company.

By the mid-1930s, our name was transformed to Emory University Hospital. University and hospital are named after Bishop John Emory, who chaired a Georgia Processist Conference in 1834 when the representatives agreed to found a Georgia methodological school. The Emory University Hospital is being continually expanded.

The new Hospital Tower on Clifton Campus extends Emory's service and expertise while providing an integral, inviting and generous ambience for the patient and their family. This 450,000 sq. m. complex will be connected to Emory University Hospital via a two-storey footbridge over Clifton Road.

Midtown University Hospital, Atlanta

Wellcome to Emory University Hospital Midtown, formerly known as Emory Crawford Long Hospital. Emory's Midtown Hospital has some of the best professionals in the hospital working on the advancement of medical science every single workday. There are more than 1200 Emory Clinic and 440 general practitioners from 28 specialist areas. Doctors work together to offer our clients and their relatives extensive treatment and high-quality results.

It is important for our clients and their family to take good charge not only of their diseases but also of their psychological, emotive and intellectual well-being. The story goes back to 1908, when two doctors, Dr. Edward Campbell Davis and a former pupil of his, Dr. Luther C. Fischer, opened the 26-bed Davis-Fischer Sanatorium on Crew Street near today's Turner Field.

The hospital quickly grew beyond its capacities with only 26 hospital-bed facilities, and in 1911 Davis and Fischer relocated the hospital to its current location and opened an 85-bed Davis Fischer Sanatorium on Linden Avenue. The hospital was re-named Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital in 1931 in honour of Dr. Crawford W. Long, the Georgia doctor who found the sulfur eater as an anaesthetic.

Hospitals can see some of Dr. Long's own artefacts and early hospital mementos. The Emory Crawford Long Hospital was re-named "Emory University Hospital Midtown" with effect from February 13, 2009. As part of Emory's obligation to honour a more than 100-year old story of the initial name, the Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital will be maintained on external memorials.

Today, Emory University Hospital Midtown has more than 1,200 Emory Clinic and 440 general practitioners from 28 specialist areas. The doctors at Emory University Hospital Midtown work together to deliver complete treatment and top-notch results to our patient and their family. The Emory University Hospital Midtown has a wealth of legacy ranging from a 26-bed sanitarium to a 531-bed maternity wards.

Our full-service hospital has provided Atlantis and the Southeast with a strong basis for over 100 years of providing the highest levels of healthcare and clinical excellence.

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