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Emoory-style hospital

Hospitals, clinics and healthcare - Atlanta, GA We will help you to find the right specialist or family doctor for you. You can use this on-line to look up results, post a mail to your ISP team, update your recipes, check pending events and much more. The Emory University Hospital applies for reassignment to the Magnet organisation in August 2018.

We encourage our clients, relatives, employees and interested persons to make comment. The Emory is your one-stop-shop for all your medical needs, both in the field of illness and in the field of healthcare. "When you get treatment for cancers anywhere, you're in good hands with Emory."

Emory's doctors and employees work with patient and family groups. We are constantly striving to improve the way our clients, family, employees and doctors see Emory. You can use our on-line schedule for selected sites in the area of primary health and safety. The new site for our clinic will facilitate our entry to almost 1,000 Emory-Studien.

You have the possibility to get in contact with medical practitioners, employees and patien. Some of the most important innovation and treatment in the state is the responsibility of our medical team.

Healthcare Emory in Atlanta, GA

Emory Healthcare is the biggest and most extensive healthcare system in Georgia with over 17,000 staff as of September 1, 2017. Emory Healthcare has been a leader in the medical field since 1905 and conducts research into life-saving measures. It is part of the Woodruff Research Center at Emory University, where professionals are working to find new ways to help fight and cure diseases, equip the next generations to help us rescue and enhance our own life, offer the best possible healthcare and help society.

Through Emory's vast interdisciplinary relationship networks, clients and doctors have immediate exposure to cutting-edge research, and university and research scientists are observing real-world uses for their work.

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