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*Emerson Resort & Spa, Mount Tremper, NY, Catskills: Resort Ratings for Emerson Resort & Spa (Mount Tremper, NY) The Emerson Resort & Spa is located in the middle of Mother Nature's play area, in the midst of magnificent mountain scenery, quiet woods and gushing water. There are plenty of colours, shows and activity from the minute you enter the Catskills. Emerson has 26 roomy rooms in a modern and 27 rooms in a blockhouse lodge atmosphere.

CatskillCreativeCooking" offers you dishes that you know well cooked with the freshest regional produce and an original touch. Emerson Spa is an haven of indulgence and regeneration, and the country stores are a shopping paradise with a wide range of presents, fashion, household goods, toy and more.

In the Emerson is also the largest kaleidoscope in the world. The Emerson visitors can also see the Farm-To-Table motion at the near-by farmers' market, sample the home-made beers, liquors, cider and wine that the Catskills are the first to brand handcrafted drinks, and admire the talent of craftsmen in Emerson-dedicated work.

Name after the mythical writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose renowned essays "Nature" inspired the Catskill Forest Preserve, our visitors quickly comprehend what makes the Catskills and the Emerson so unique.

Have we arrived yet? The Emerson Resort & Spa at a glance

Whether you take the children to a shopping centre or to a resort for several nights, it really doesn't make any difference. It is the task of all grown-ups with children in the lead to find a goal that allows them to think ahead in expectation and silence - with little drugs, of course.

A part of this formula is a resort that will please both children and grown-ups, so you won't get bored soon after your stay. The New York State offer includes enough to entertain people of all ages for even a few short hours. It is now a question of finding a target that fulfils these theories.

On the motorway take junction 19 and continue for about half an hours on Rt. 28 to the south. Continue for about 15 min and you will see a label saying "World's First Kaleidoscope". Situated at the east end of Emerson Resort & Spa, within the city boundaries of Mt Tremper, a tranquil Catskill Mountain Enklave.

Discharge, cheque in and let the babies go. Accommodation here is convenient and far above the norm for a resort that not only welcomes youngsters, but also inspires them to take Rover with them. During your visit you will see other visitors who go dog from bag size to, well, more than bag size. In spite of all these animal visitors the area is perfectly maintained, so that you don't have to worry whether you walk barefooted through the lawn or follow the animals back into the room.

And for the big blokes, Emerson has preparations during the three summer golfs courses, and the Woodstock Gulf Club, which does not usually allow non-member entrance to his course. Emerson hosts downhill and cross-country skiing in winters, using Belleayre and Hunter Mountain, which is a little further away. The esopus is a fisherman's paradise and the water is usually so quiet that even the children can let a line fall into the beverage.

Just a few hundred meters westwards of the resort is the Rail Express, a truly one-of-a-kind event. If you are a bit more courageous, Emerson will take you to Phoenicia, a brief trip westwards. The Town Tinker Tubers will equip you with an oversize inner pipe and let you drift downriver.

Return to the resort before supper at the beautiful Woodnotes Grill to give the spa the opportunity to relieve soreness. Return to the kaleidoscope: Emerson visitors have free entry. Go into the old hopper, lay back on the ground or take a seat on one of the custom-made chairs and savour the display of the beautiful colours and geometrical patterns.

The Emerson range also includes a number of shows not only for visitors but also for the audience, and it is so diverse that it can cater to every musician. This resort has convenient wedding and event venues and often holds corporate meetings. When you have enough power, drive westwards on Rt. 28 to Cooperstown and the National Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame.

It' a little ride, but if you like ball, it's definitely a worthwhile one. And, Emerson, you're almost on your way there. Information and bookings can be found at www.EmersonResort.com.

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