Emerson Hotel

The Emerson Hotel

An American restaurant in Emerson, New Jersey. I' m always enjoying the Emerson Hotel, it's the right place when I'm in the mood for a good steak and a relaxed atmosphere. The Emerson Hotel - 12 pictures & 53 votes - American (Traditional) - 31 Emerson Post Code I, Emerson, NJ - Restaurant ratings - Telephone number

I' ve begun with her daily soup: Plit-pae. I was advised by a colleague to order the Emerson's Own Famous slice platter, which comes with a mixed vegetable lettuce, thin-cut steaks, toasts, "sizzling" melted bread and french fried potatoes. As you can see from the pictures enclosed, I ordered my ribs rarely and they were well made.

You have a beautiful lounge, a dinning area and a small outdoor lounge area. We' ll keep the Emerson Hotel in our selection for meals and drinks and simple entertainment. Horrible services. Favourite place for a cut meat loaf north of Route 4. Healthy meals, sensible servings.

Good eating - never terrible, but never astonishing. That'?s good stuff. Me and my missus came in around 9:00 last evening to eat a steamed slice and bulb ring like we've had for 30 years.... what a disillusion. Then she took our lunch order and vanished for about 35 mins.

As our meal was arriving, we asked for catsup and got a nasty jar of catsup, which coated it from all sides. Our meal came and the amount of meats was large, but the French fry was poor. Undoubtedly, the beef was not the delicate kind of sirloin we were used to, and although it was rarely ordered, it was rather well made.

Most badly, they apparently turned the formula for their celebrated bulb ring into something far worse. $65 we bought a sub-par sirloin at a fatty dinner menu. Emerson Hotel, after 30 years we will never go back. Well, the infamous sliced sirloin is fine - not horrible, but perhaps just remarkable because it's plentiful.

chips and sweetened potato chips wet plant made degustation chaos, coal slav is the industry grocer' art. However, the services and the welcome are kind and supportive. Eating on the roofed roof in hot climates will remind you of a seaside holiday spot. During meals on board many of my group ordered plain beverages, bottled beers, wodka clubs, ice teas, waters, etc..

When it comes to eating, I like her starters and lettuce and basic things are delectable. You' d think a grilled pork shop would be appalled to let a well-made slice of meats out of the pan. I' ve seen server in other places that shame folks for ordering a well-made beef, but here it's a way of being.

We haven't been to the Emerson Hotel for many years, so we chose to try it out the other evening. When you' re looking for a good meal, don't go there. This is the place to be if you are looking for a good neighbourhood bar with good meals and a pleasant audience.

Dinner was unhappy. The majority of the group sent back meals because they were undercooked or boiled. Dinner is good, the personnel is great, but for God's sakes, replace the rug! I remember when I was in the dinning room, when I was in a cavern. He was also the cook, to be perfectly frank, because he seemed angry when my man ordered the sample cloth and I ordered the whole batch of onions, and they were both terrible and didn't left the galley until they were ready.

Comed out to $30 for a small un eaten terrible fried pickled broth and an aperitif sample that had 2 chicken slices, 3 jualapeno poppers and 2 mouth-watering potatoe hides and 2 beer toppings. So we chose to go away and eat somewhere else because the meals and especially the services were so poor.

Friendliness and promptness of services, comfort of dining room, ecological meal. However, the waiters were fast and the meal was warm and delicious. I had the strong Prime Rib French Dip, I had the battered Pork Chops. They played & they rocking the place (or should I say, the hotel!).

The beverages were very inexpensive, good bars & pizzas. It' a lovely place for lunches, in and out quickly with good meals and services. You have a beautiful diversity in their meals, lettuces, no burger are good, but the garnish of onion and the slices of poles let you come back again and again.

Again, the services were uneven. But I like the way they eat and the way the place is. Soup, too. A small lounge and a side room. They' re supposed to be famous for their sliced beef. It was good work.

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