Elderhostel Travel Tours, Inc. has changed its program name to Road Scholar for seniors interested in Elderhostel Travel Tours. Educative trips for grown-ups We have the study experience for you, whatever your interests. Go ahead of the match and start saving if you sign up early. Another good thing - it doesn't take much money to have a room for yourself on these study trips!

We have been providing pedagogical experiences for more than 40 years, and we are here to help you learn from our experience.

Our missions are to make education trips accessible to everyone. Take a look at our hints if you are travelling alone. Maximise comradeship and have a more private group on these 24 or less partyventures. Do you know someone who likes to learn and go on holiday?

So who are we?

By the early 70s, Marty Knowlton, who was appointed Executive Vice President of the Hostelling Programme at the UNH CR, had just come back from four years of backpacker travel across Europe. Knowlton told his long-time boyfriend David Bianco, the head of the university's living quarters, how much he was struck by the European youth youth accommodations and the Nordic adult education traditions.

How come there are no more possibilities for Americans to study and study? "It shouldn't have a YHA - it should have an older hostel!" In the first year, five New England Collages provided the first programmes for 220 groundbreaking people. Until 1980, more than 20,000 grown-ups had been on a study tour with us in all 50 states and most of Canada.

1981 we launched the first multinational programmes in Great Britain and Scandinavia. More than 4 million adult students have taken advantage of the Elderhostel programmes by 2010, and the organisation has been given a new name: Our programmes combines travelling and educational to offer experience-oriented study in every state of the USA, in 150 lands and on board of boats on the world' s waterways and seas with an exceptional variety of themes, sizes and places.

Today we keep developing programmes that promote a feeling of fellowship and companionship - just right for an organisation that began as a friendly conversation.

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