Eastern Maine Community College

The Eastern Maine Community College

East Maine Community College, Bangor, Maine. Das Eastern Maine Community College (EMCC) est un collège communautaire à Bangor, Maine. Discover the ratings, rankings and statistics of the Eastern Maine Community College. Learn about key information about Eastern Maine Community College, including application requirements, popular subjects, tuition fees, SAT results, AP credit guidelines and more. Store Eastern Maine Community College pennant, cooler, tail gate tents at the bookshop Golden Eagles.

The Eastern Maine Community College

Big college. East Maine Community College provides the highest level of post-secondary engineering, professional and knowledge sharing skills, and acts as a vibrant community and economical asset. Over 30 one- and two-year programme opportunities as well as short-term and specialised vocational and vocational refresher programmes for the economy, trade and society.

Plan a walk through our wonderful 72 hectare Bangor, Maine campsite and introduce yourself!

The Eastern Maine Community College

The Eastern Maine Community College is..... Mean costs after funding for those who receive grants or scholarships, as stated by the university. On the basis of the faculty's performance, salaries, assessments of our undergraduates and other criteria. Which is the best way to describe the schoolboy? Whilst the instructors themselves are astonishing in most cases, I would only advise you to come here if you are a commuter living in the area or a high scholar looking for college credit.

Gymnastics has nothing in it except defective outfit, the dinning room is beaten or missed (mostly miss when you get to the end of the semester), there is no community, and no higher ups have any notion of what they do or why they hardly keep students. Sure.... I chose Surgical Technology at Eastern Maine Community College because of its proximity to my home and my community, its affordable price and its excellent small classroom-success.

That' a great sophomore!! Ethnology is very different and offers more opportunities to understand how other nations deal with learning and what is different between them and the United States. Ideal for those who want to go back to work after a long time. It really does help each individual with his or her own special needs to make the homecoming process very simple and trouble-free.

Family Culinary Camp de l'Est du Maine Community College

Each of our camps offers the possibility to study behind the scenery of a working room, to make gastronomic masterworks with different technologies, to try new dishes and to make many new people. Don't delay - our programmes fill up very quickly! All our culinaric programmes take place Monday-Friday, 8-17 hrs.

We offer breakfasts and lunches and every Friday we welcome our best friend and his or her familiy (max. 8 people per camper) for a showcase luncheon from 11:30-13 o'clock.

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