East Hudson Trails Map

East-Hudson Trails Map

Discover the trails in the New York Highlands east of the Hudson River with award-winning Trail Conference tickets "Made by the People Who Build the Trails"! This reworked, digitally produced set of three cards is printed in bright colours on waterproof and tearproof Tyvek. The waterproof and tear-resistant color charts cover part of the Appalachian Trail, Hudson Highlands and Fahnestock State Parks. of the Hudson River. Many of our other regional hiking maps can be found in the PDF.

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Map | East Hudson Trails

Our updated twelfth East Hudson Trails map deck is available in printed and electronic form! New York Highlands east of the Hudson River, a fully redesigned twelfth issue of the East Hudson Trails map deck, which shows more than 150 mile trails, now also contains trails on the front of the map.

There are also new, enhanced contours and some important changes to the track. The kilometre numbers indicate the distance between the crossroads and important characteristics along the route, and this favourite function can now be found on more than half of our hiking area. Furthermore, the enhanced contours facilitate the recognition of rock faces and precipitous sections of path.

Other important changes to the map include a redesigned route system at Manitou Point Preserve, a new section of the Highlands Route, redesigned blazes in Manitoga, the adding of signposted trails at Garrison School Forest, major park land extensions at Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve and Fahnestock State Park, and other new routes into these parklands.

A lot of extra map customizations make this twelfth issue of the East Hudson Trails more precise than ever before. The theme park shown on the map includes Fahnestock State Park, Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve, Castle Rock Unique Area, Hudson Highlands Gateway Park, Manitoga, Manitou Point Preserve, Mount Beacon Park, Nelsonville Nature Preserve, Garrison School Forest and West Point Foundry Preserve.

Each map includes UTM grid lines, car parks, vantage points and other sights. Cards are available in printed form, in bright colours on our favourite watertight, tear-proof Tyvek; application, for the first case also available as a combination of the three cards: With only $11. 95 ($8. 96 for members), this card deck is a must for indulging in the magnificent open air adventures throughout the Hudson Highlands Region.

We would like to thank all the contributors and parkpartners who contributed to the production of this updated issue of the East Hudson Trails map series. The map was also created with the help of Old Souls, an open-air shop and trading associate of the Trail Conference. New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation that constructs, cares for and safeguards highways.

We and our partner companies want to make sure that the paths and nature areas we use together are environmentally friendly and available to all. Contribute to trails, help us improve our trails voluntarily, or help us improve our trails by buying great tickets, making a present or becoming a member.

The New York-New Jersey Track Conference is based on more than 80 years of map-making work. These are the trustworthy sources for dependable trailer information in the New York-New Jersey area. They are" Made by the People Who Buil the Trails" and are constantly refreshed with changes to the trails.

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