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The Eaglewood Resort & Spa, Itasca. The Eaglewood Resort and Spa always has something to do. The Eaglewood Resort & Spa, Itasca, IL. Eaglewood Resort's latest tweets (@EaglewoodResort). The Eaglewood Resort and Spa in and around Chicago, Illinois, United States:

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Immediately we phoned hideirge and asked if there was another room besides our room, my man spoke to Amber (as far as I know) through the registration/check-in area, and she immediately apologised for not taking the room off duty. Great services. And the most frustrating fact was that the spa is not connected to the resort.

You will find the spa and bowl court in the same room. The breakfasts were really bustling and they seemed a little tight. I was given a "spa day with the selection of a service" by my husband and wife: No restrictions were placed on the services or any particular one. Do you call to make a booking, and when I tell Demitra the smallprint on Groupon she argues and is impolite..... hmm lousy client services, off to a flying start and not a good way to win new clients for your spa - isn't Groupon's concept of exposing your company to a new group?

1 star I was planning to make it an "I" working days, self-care after my working weeks, I was booking Saturday, January 27, 1:15 Swedish 60 minute massages (not my vote, they said it was the Groupon offering and it was not my strength to combat it), and I purchased an extra Refresher Facial after massageservice.

When I got there early, I went to the spa, and the first thing that struck me was 22% gratuity (or fee for service). "``Something that is usually given willingly or beyond the commitment for a ministry; especially: a tip. Tell the truth, improve your customer care by 22% and let them know that they don't have to tip me. The caretaker was very kind and showed me around the facility.

Showered, in my very beautiful gown slip 4. Five asterisks for the garment. Five asterisks for the shoes and chose to relax in the "Tranquility" room, where one could taste afternoon afternoon afternoon coffee, hot chocolate and gum. Beautiful room, comfortably, quietly, meditatively, deeply respiring, or taking a siesta.

Nonetheless, the people who came with my friend were not attentive and spoke and laughed to disturb the peace. I was welcomed by my allocated massage therapist in the quiet room and led into the room. All of the experiment was average, she didn't work in the places I indicated, I asked her several occasions to set the face crawler, because my throat was not in a convenient location, she couldn't do it properly.

I returned to the rest room, this again calm and meditative, until Lee, the beautician, called me for my face treatment. Back to the relaxation room for a few moments before you go into the whirlpool, saunas, baths and pools. Everything is fine, I was enjoying the aroma therapy in the Turkish bath, although it could also use occasional daytime groundwash.

3. Strike 0 star the wash again, this case I announcement that, fitting kind the washup bath, washup had to be weightlift during the stream of the era as it was reserved and umpteen group utilized it. Go back to the quiet room for a snooze and on the way. I' had a great and great and Mandy was great and suggested some things on the meal.

It' s quite good dinner and I`m betting it`s really good in the summers. I' ve been in this motel from Sunday to Wednesday. Situation: This is NOT in Chicago. You will be taken to the railway terminal by the airport transfer bus. The room where I lived was near the front door of the house in the 400s.

They go in and immediately there is a washbasin/bathroom and then there was a matrimonial bedroom, a writing table, a stool and a television. It was barely open on the upper floor, and the lower floor was open, but it was small. There was a very beautiful outside area for eating and sitting.

There was a room with windows overlooking the car park and I could listen to the screaming and celebrating all evening, inside and outside the city. I' ve had my breakfasts here. Seems to be too small to support so many at the same eatery. The line wound through the dining table, which was unpleasant.

I' ve just been spending the whole weekend in this motel for a meeting and I have to say that I was very much struck by almost everything. Buffet breakfasts and lunches were also delectable. The only bad thing about me, and therefore the 4 star instead of 5, is the shortage of evening meal and room services which is almost limitless.

As a resort of this calibre, I should have a large choice of food available for room services. Accommodation is open, roomy, classy and neat. The room was tidy and very cosy. The communal areas (lobby and restaurant) and our suites overlooking the course had plenty of sunshine.

There are several eateries, a course, a golf course, a spa, a gym and a bowl court on the grounds, so there is something for all the age-group. The spa entrance (included in the price) has a large swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath and saunas. Throughout my visit I spend a great deal of my spare minute to enjoy the whirlpool and the swimming pools!

Notice that the spa is located in a structure separated from the central location, so you'll need to go outside to get there (but it's only a 50-meter path or so). The next one I' m in the area, I' m definitely going to live at the Eaglewood Resort! They were on Groupon for a Swede massages, a great way to try out a new spa!

Then they showed me the changing rooms, the relaxation room and the way to the swimming pools. At first I chose the swimming pools, I was glad that the warm side of the lake was against the icy cool. There was a big swimmingpool and a clean area. The jacuzzi and swimming pools are very tidy, as this can be missing in some places.

That area where you can get dressed is beautiful. You will be waiting in the quiet room before your meeting. I' ve had my Scandinavian massages with Sal. I had a great day at Sal, I felt laid-back all the while and my muscle felt good afterwards. It' not the most luxury, but it' beautiful, I would definitely come back!

So I spent a whole evening in Eaglewood and two nights at a trade convention. There was a great opportunity to have a local bowl court for teambuilding and the snacks outside the conference rooms were a delight. Regarding the meal, I would like to point out to some other critics that the breakfasts are quite good - it was a pleasant change and the omelette department was much valued.

As we haven't played the game of the game, I can't make a statement, but the course looks beautiful and well looked after in the views I had from my room. There is redemptive value to this place and that is the Gulf. I was only here for two evenings with an unrestricted game. For all you can gamble 00 per overnight, having a room and having your own private room (Oxford decimal point deliberately omitted because we are not in Oxford).

It is a beautiful and demanding course. The breakfast was delicious and the wafers and omelets were first class. and they gave us four very small cushions. I could play a game of football and see the whole house, so I was lucky.

I was here to practice my game. The track was a bit too wet and in bad shape two day after a heavy rain shower. However, overall it was a good-looking course and the personnel was great. The room is actually beautiful, but here is a bad first view - our room is in the South Tower - there is no entrance to the South Tower from the park!

Real bad waiting-- we were sitting in their Prairie River restaurant for 20 minutes. Ain' no waiters, no services. We' ve only seen a part of the resort and are all in a good mood. Kind-hearted folks in the professional store and course are in quite good condition. Spa, swimming pools and bowl are not in the house, but on the other side of the car park, which is absurd.

I had a good week-end here in Eaglewood. One of the spa nights we spent there and the services we got were excellent. So I phoned their gymnasium to see when they opened, and I was said 5am, so I awoke and got dressed at 6am to leave.

Bartender personnel are cute and their toucos are quite good, even though they're teeny. It' s nothing out of the ordinary and you'll be confused that you've been paying as much for a 2-star resort as you want, which you shouldn't say. Genuine resort don't do anything of what it says above.

Extremely comfy room. It' a very confortable cot, that's all I really need in a motel.

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