Dutchess County Unemployment

County Unemployment

I' m contacting the unemployment office in Dutchess County. The unemployment rate is rising in Dutchess County: bulletin The New York State Departement of Labor said that Dutchess County's unemployment rates rose in June compared to both last months and the previous year. Unemployment was 4.4 per cent in June 2017, an improvement on the 4.0 per cent unemployment level registered by the unit for March, April and May this year.

This was an upturn compared to June 2016, when Dutchess County had an unemployment level of 4.2 cents. This is the first year since 2012 that the unemployment level has risen in June compared to the previous year. A provisional unemployment survey published on Tuesday showed that the unemployment level in the Dutchess-Putnam metropolitan region was 4.3 per cent in June this year, an rise of two tenth of a per cent compared to June 2016.

Unemployment in the country rose from 4.4 per cent to 4.5 per cent in June 2017 on a like-for-like season. However, the number of employment in the privatesector rose by 155,800 to a record 8,079,200 in June 2017, according to the survey. The unemployment figures are computed according to the methodology required by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, based in part on the results of the Current Population Survey.

These installments are a measure of the number of persons in an area who are active in job search.

The unemployment rate is rising in the Netherlands: bulletin

According to the Ministry of Labour, unemployment increased in November in comparison to the preceding months and the year before. Dutchess County, however, remains one of the countries with the low unemployment rates of the months. Dutchess-Putnam metropolitan area had an unemployment level of 4.3 per cent in November, according to a provisional unemployment forecast on Wednesday.

This figure is almost half a point higher than in November 2016, when the unemployment figure was 3.9 per cent according to the survey, and higher than in October 2017, when it was 4.1 per cent. It finds that these figures are not deseasonally comparable and reflect seasonality such as holidays and seasonality.

However, unemployment levels across the country have fallen year-on-year. A salary poll by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that from November 2016 to November 2017 the number of employment in the residential segment rose by 109,300 to a combined 8,098,400. Dutchess' unemployment in November was the 9th highest in the state, at 4.3%.

At 3.5 per cent, Queens County had the state' low unemployment level. The Ulster County quota was 4.5 per cent. Uncertainty is a measure of the active job-seeking public. Unemployment in the state is partly based on the results of the Current population survey, which reports around 3,100 New York state homes each months.

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