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Dutchess Division of Public Transit's main task is to provide the Dutchess district with a safe, efficient, accessible and reliable public transport system. Der Dutchess County Public Transit ist der Busdienst der Dutchess County Division of Public Transit in Dutchess County, New York. Traveling by Dutchess County Bus is now much easier, faster and cheaper!

By public transport:Bus fares, passes and other means of transport

A one-way ticket costs $1. 75 per coach and clients can buy it when they board the coach. Any passenger overpaying the ticket will be issued a customer pass that can be used for a Dutchess County Public Transit ticket in the near term. One-on-one $1.75 ticket can be bought and these ticket are always available on all Dutchess County Public Transit coaches.

The passport is available on all Dutchess County Public Transit busses during all operating periods. The passport is intended for high mileage Dutchess County Public Transit passengers. Monthly Ride Anytime Passport is available on all regular coaches and is always available for 31 day after first use.

A simple way to find out if this is the right passport for you is the number of trips you normally make with the Dutchess County Public Transit coach. This is your passport if you travel more than 36 journeys a/m. Keep in mind that every tim you switch busses, one trip matters.

Elderly citizens, Medicare cardholders and benefactors with disability are paying half the ticket price, $0. 75 per individual journey a way drive. Vets are charged half the ticket, $0.75 a one-way ticket. Childrens between 5 and under 12 years old are charged $0.75 per one-way ticket.

Every pupil with a good ID* pays $0.75 per one-way ticket. In the case of non-expired students, the picture ID AND the timetable with the latest registration data will be used. If you have a handicap, this ticket allows you to charge $0.75 for a one-way ticket.

The discount is available at all hours and in all public transport coaches. The reduced rate cannot be used in combination with other discounts. Medical documents are necessary to request a special transit ticket. Special transit ticket applications will receive the ticket within one weeks of receipt of medical confirmation from the Dutchess County Division of Public Transit.

Special Transit Card is available free of cost. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Dutchess County Public Transit System provides a kerb to kerb chairlift shuttle system for people travelling within 3/4 miles of the Public Transit System's regular and Poughkeepsie's regular services, whose obstruction forbids the use of the regular system.

A one-way ticket costs $3.50. You can buy your ticket or passport either at the train station or via U.S. Mail. Dutchess County Public Transit's home is:: From Monday to Friday 8:00 - 17:00 To get to the Dutchess County Public Transit Coach Facilities from Poughkeepsie, take Rt. 44/55 and turn right at Rt. 44 and Rt. 55, Commerce Street is the first turn to the right after Rt. 55 and Noxon Road intersections.

You will find the stop on the right side of Commerce Street, about 300 m from Rt. 55. It'?s serving this institution. Lifeline Transit Pass Program for recognized non-profit organisations, colleges, or governments that offer low-wage service to the United States Department of Health and Human Service Poverty Guidelines.

Authorised organisations can buy all coach tickets at 50% of the normal ticket price. Travellers can change between Dutchess County Public Transit lines wherever two lines run for 30c. Deliveries are 180 minute and will be made out to the coach operators upon entry and on demand. Get information about taking your bike on Dutchess County Public Transit busses (.pdf).

Busses stop on the way if there is no nearby stop. If you need an off-route pickup, tell the chauffeur. Precise price when getting in. The full ticket price must be paid by all cashiers. All items found on the coach will be converted to Dutchess County Public Transit at the above adress.

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