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The sky slowly changes from shining blue to a dreamy swarm of pink and violet, stripes of bright yellow and holiday fireworks illuminating the skyline over the Hudson River. Lovely church towers towering up into the sky, while a family of ducks swims by without haste. Plan your visit today! To find Dutchess County Fairgrounds to see and do other things in this region:. Find out why the Dutchess County Fair!

doors playgrounds

We' ve selected the best playgrounds in the Hudson Valley that your and your loved ones will surely like! Rains, snows, hail, sleets....these are items that can break a game date! But if there is an outdoor playing field, you only need one team mate. Old Dutchess County: Hop on various outdoor bouncy-hikes for children and grown-ups.

The trampoline basketballs as well as the polystyrene cesspools! Indulge in skateboarding in the arenas with the whole group! Hudson Valley World Class Hall Rock Climbing! The Beekman Leisure & Parks Playground. You are welcome to take your own lunches for a picknick in the house. The playground is open on Fridays in winters until 11 May.

Play indoors matches that help you earn and exchange your ticket for cash awards. Gymnasiums and amusement parks are great fun for all children. You can also watch a show by Chuck E. Cheese and all his fuzzy mates! Park Scooter Magic. Relax and relax while roller-skating with your favourite tunes so you can walk in time!

Kids can have fun in the playgrounds and do handicrafts, while adults can eat candy from the cafe and have cafe! Found in the former Fun Central Location, DC Sport PGA Tour Golf Simulator is currently offering with layouts to open a portico, full facilities Sport Bars, skee-ball and racing simulator shopefully in mid-January.

The Poughkeepsie Galleria has a professional go-cart circuit! Unlock gymnastics for infants 4 and under and cargivers to make new buddies, run and game. County Ulster: BC's New Paltz Climbing School. In New Paltz, climb the cliffs of this adventure resort for the whole familiy and all age-groups!

With rollerblading, lasers, climbing walls and arch. It' a place for the whole house and for all age group! Playing on the inflatables and weaving your way through the obstacles! On the top level of this exquisite pastry shop, run by the proprietors of Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa, there is a large children's playground where families can unwind and have a cafein.

It is a funny and open place for kids from 0-6 years to enjoy a mixture of books, games, songs and handicrafts. Andy Murphy Midtown Neighborhood Center drop-in playground for preschoolers and their carers. County orange: Enjoy your stay in a recently refurbished arcade with the latest equipment, TVs and much more.

Travel to a rainforest with a brandnew 26,000 sq. meter playground full of rotating chutes, sprinklers, trampolines, obstacles and more at Billy Beez in MiddletownPat Tarsio Lanes. The Tarsio familiy has been providing indigenous homestays with more than 50 years of entertainment and accessible opportunities for Kosmic bowl, Sunday evening homestay offers and more.

doors/outdoors theme parks with ballocity, skate, labyrinth and more. Play indoors matches that help you earn and exchange your ticket for cash awards. Gymnasiums and attractions are great entertainment for all children. You can also watch a music show by Chuck E. Cheese and all his fuzzy mates!

Multi-storey outdoor adventure area with climbing tower, rebounder, slides, tunnel and a shot peening area. Provides figure-skating for the public, plays field-hockey and skating. Sixtwenty-eight County Rte. One. Various playgrounds and programmes for kids such as arts and musical performances. Provides indoors trips and matches.

Autoscooters, laser-tag and in-door rides. Enjoyment for the whole group! The Kennett School of Gymnastics in Goshen provides free playing for members and non-members. This is Rockland County: Travel to the rainforest for 26,000 sq. m. of playing space incl. twin slide, ball blasters, trampoline, obstacle course and much more.

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