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to do Dutchess County things

Between the art-historical sites and activities on the Hudson River, Dutchess County offers countless adventures. Funny things to do when you visit, whether summer, winter or sometime in between. If you are looking for things to do with children in Dutchess County, you will find activities and attractions for children in Dutchess County for Kids. So much to see and do in Dutchess County. There are local attractions, great restaurants, historical sites, the railroad, the CIA.

Activities in Dutchess County

Visit the world's biggest home of mapsle sweeteners, taste hand-made sugars and syrups with Bourbon Barrel aged syrups, buy groceries, eat groceries on the farmstead and discover the 800 acre thickly wooded maps. Take a sightseeing trip to the home of America's thirty-second US president and the home of such notables as Winston Churchill and King George VI of Great Britain.

Then, you' ll be visiting America's first ever FDR-developed and the only one used by an incumbent presidency. The manor and manor house of Frederick Vanderbilt, one of America's wealthiest men of the nineteenth cent. Take out your camera to see the world's longest raised footbridge that spans 1.28m and 212? over the Hudson River with a glazed lift that takes you to stunning outlooks.

Dancing, theatre, cinema, the arts and crafts flourish in Dutchess County, and our museum and arts gallery invites you to see a broad palette of epochs and genres, from antiques to modernism to handicrafts. Dive into the golden age and early twentieth centuries that marked the FDR age as you visit some of our large estates along the Hudson River in Dutchess County.

Spend an entire afternoon of enjoyment, enjoying some of the typical Dutch things from the Walkway Over the Hudson, marvel at World War I aircraft and watch a drive-in film! Try your hand at Dutchess County as many families invite you to select your own products, shop at their stalls or join them at home parties, sample wine from the grape variety and perhaps spend the night at a pub, bar or music.

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