Dutchess County Sheriff Poughkeepsie Ny

Sheriff Poughkeepsie Ny, Dutchess County

Dutchess County lessons will raise consciousness for proactive shooters. PUGHKEPSIE, N.Y. >> Dutchess Sheriff du comté Adrian "Butch" Anderson, das District Department of Behavioral and Community Health und das District Department of Emergency Response, werden im April Aktiv-Shooter-Awareness-Kurse veranstalten. Free courses take place from 9am to 11am and from 1pm to 3pm on 7th and 14th April at the Department of Emergency Response, 392 Creek Road.

In the first part of each grade, the general "dos and don'ts" are focused when faced with an activity shooting scenario. Part two focuses on measures to be taken if you or someone else is hurt while not available to the rescue team. Courses are designed to raise students' consciousness of what to do in an activity shooting environment.

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Twelve senior officials graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy.

Last year Cara Stumm said on the front of a police van that one of these days she could see herself in the driver's cabin. A Dutchess Sheriff's Office trainee, Stumm travelled with assistant Sheriff', worked with investigators and visited the district prison. The 26-year-old Hopewell Junction was an addict after witnessing the daily routine of locals.

"He said I was by the fence," said Mute. "Stumm was standing alongside 11 other new officials at the Dutchess County Law Enforcement Academy graduation Wednesday - the climax of month-long strict multi-agency schooling. "You' re different now," said Sheriff Butch Anderson, whose agent runs the school. Dutchess County Sheriff's Office, das Columbia County Sheriff's Office und die Stadt Poughkeepsie, Town of Poughkeepsie und Town of East Fishkill Police Department.

anderson said, "The first thing every Officer learnt in the academy was to discuss the way you want to be dealt with and the way you want to be dealt with. "Policing wasn't always the ultimate objective for Silent, now a Congressman in Dutchess County. After enrolling in Dutchess Community College, she studied psychic illness with the hope of a careers in forensic science.

"No one here hired, and they did," Hoag said, 30. "Hoag has a proven track record at the school. Hoag, an official from Poughkeepsie City, said he was glad to be back in Hudson Valley and work nearer home. East-Fishkill and his newest mate, David Chiapperino, always had the police in his sight.

"When I was raised, no one in my home was ever in prosecution, and I wanted to make my own way," said the 29-year-old Carmel-dweller. "Chiapperino previously worked as a proofreader at the Green Haven Correctional Facility in Stormville. Said having this kind of public sector exposure and studying how to interact with others was "probably the best thing he could do on his trip to prosecution".

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