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Experts are the basis of property tax administration. Browse real estate records in Dutchess County, NY acquired from multiple public sources. Search for object descriptions, documents, title documents. The Abstracters' Information Service (AIS) real estate tax information for Dutchess County. A list of real estate, moving and warehousing operations within the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

County Dutchess/GIS:GIS applications

The Dutchess County mission is to connect the general population with important geographical information. To this end, we maintain geographical and database information and make it available to the general population via high-performance web-mappings. New ParcelAccess - Map-based packet line and object information. You will be provided with a comprehensive browseable maps showing all property borders of Dutchess County and comprehensive up-to-date property information.

Relevant information such as wetland areas, flooded areas and surveys are also presented to describe the characteristics. Adress Info-Finder provides fundamental information and provides useful hyperlinks to more detailled information for Dutchess County, NY. It is a utility to validate an adress and create a certificate for related selected officers, street administrations, schools and more.

Cycle storage - Find cycle storage in Dutchess County. Seekable maps of Dutchess County cycle parks in combination with railways and signposted cycle paths that allow cyclists to find car parks near their intended destinations. InfoAccess is the new GIS-based mapping of Dutchess County OCIS.

AboutAccess shows points of interest in Dutchess County in thematic "categories" such as healthcare, civil service, leisure, government and more. AboutAccess is used to represent places of community gatherings and community outreach. Refersral Identifier Tool - Does your zone division need to be referenced? In the case that civil or community measures concern zone classification and come under the buffer of certain legal geographical characteristics, the measure must be referenced to Dutchess County Planning & Development (NYS GML #239 L&M).

For people who do not want to use the web application from home, we offer a number of different features. In the whole district there are a lot of jobs for the population. There' s a desk underneath: Puplic libaries. Computer systems are available to the general population in many of our library facilities. The Dutchess County Real Property Tax Service Agency. The Dutchess County clerk's office.

A number of communities have set up a community workplace in their city halls. Inquire at your local council if there is a GIS location.

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