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The RECORDS: Dutchess expands the online collection of antique records. Dutch natives: Don't spend on deeds, taxes. The East Fishkill Policy warns local citizens against a deceptive mailman who asks the inhabitants to settle a $86 charge for a document and some property information. The" registered note de l'acte authentique" of Property Profiles, Inc. "deceives and deceives you into believing that you need to have a recent Grant Dede and Property Assessment profile," said cops in a Facebook mail.

"for a small charge at the Dutchess County Clerk's Office." You can also collect one from the 22 Market St. in Poughkeepsie for $6: "Since the note offers a services and no one has yet reported that it has been withdrawn from this firm, we can't really say it's illegal," East Fishkill P.D. said.

It is not the first token that Dutch authorities have issued a warning against such mailer. The Dutchess County Clerk's Offices alerted the local people to the same enterprise in June. A key function of his bureau is to keep records of the countryside and ensure that "they are easily accessible to the public," said District Secretary Brad Kendall in a declaration this months.

"You can find this information in our offices and on the Internet at www.dutchessny.gov/countyclerk. There' s no reason....to contact a third person to obtain a notarized copy of their certificate or a copy of a paper from my office." Most of the information provided in Property Profile's "rating profile" can be accessed free of charge on-line.

You can search Dutchess County package search or the State Department of Taxation and Finance website for information on property valuation, for example. You can usually view and pay your taxes invoices on-line by going to your community's website. It is not clear what the enterprise means by "flood report" - one of the records pledged within the framework of the "evaluation profile" - but you can find the offical flooding maps of your house on the website of the Federal Emergency Authority (FEMA), https://msc.fema.gov/portal.

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