Dutchess County Polling Hours

Polling stations in Dutchess County

The legislators of Dutchess County have a two-year term of office. Or you can find your polling place through an online survey page on the Dutchess County Board of Elections website. Letters: Longer votes are needed Dutchess County constituents are one inch nearer to having "all-day" voting time for the previous day's poll. Election times are currently 12:00 to 21:00. Every other district in the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District, and Putnam included, has election times from 6:00 to 21:00.

At our session on 8 May, the Dutchess County legislature decided by unanimous vote to endorse a motion to the State Senate and the Assembly to prolong the Dutchess election period.

In the event of approval, the new hours would come into force in 2018. The costs associated with the extension of the election period will come from the district government budgets. Primaries have a low turnout from a historical point of view, and I do not suggest that longer working hours will have a big impact. FORTMAN Vertritt District 16 (Beacon and Fishkill) in der Dutchess County Legislative.

2017 CHOICE: Mid-Hudson voters' day of choice

Middle-Hudson constituents are heading to the votes Tuesday to vote urban and county reps, several county officials and two state Supreme Judges, as well as deciding the destiny of three National Proposals. Lawmakers are appointed for two years in each of the 23 county-counties. There is unchallenged competition between five Democrats and three Republicans, while seven Republicans and five Democrats compete to go back to legislation in competitive contests.

The current democrat Elliott Auerbach runs for a forth period of office without contradiction. It will be in service from 2018 to 2021. The current Nina Postupack runs for a forth four-year period without objection. Prizes are awarded for two years. - The Ward 1 contest will feature two freshmen - Democrat Jeffrey Morell and Republican Michael Russell - because the incumbent, Democrat Lynn Eckert, is racing for an Ulster County Legislature Seat.

  • The Ward 7 races has two new arrivals as contestants - Patrick O'Reilly on the line of Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives and Independents and Bryant "Drew" Andrews on the line of working families. The current Democrat Maryann Mills decided not to run. This year, the four-year positions of Lord and City Council are not up for election.

Cities' electors across Ulster County are casting ballot papers for such locations as inspector, city council members, secretary, road superintendents and city righteousness. Efrain Lopez, Patricia Steinhoff and Jesse Gaeta have a four-year term of office. The northern Dutch districts: - Acting Democrat Hannah Black is faced with a challenge from Republican Harold Ramsey in District 4 (Hyde Park).

  • Acting Republican William Truitt is confronted by Democrat Paul Donnelly in District 7 (Hyde Park). - Acting Democrat Joel Tyner is provoked by Republican Joan Carbonaro in District 11 (Clinton-Rhinebeck). - Acting Republican Gregg Pulver is provoked by Democrat Richard Hermans in District 19 (Pine Plains, Milan, Northeast, Stanford).
  • Two new arrivals, Democrat Kristpher Munn and Republican Warren Sheprow, are looking for the headquarters in District 20 (Red Hook), which will be evacuated by Democrat Micki Strawinski. The Dutchess County legislature has a two-year mandate. Ripublican officeholder Jim Coughlan is looking for a third four-year tenure, defied by Democrat Robin Lois. The electorate in the cities in the north of the Netherlands will vote for posts such as superiors, city council members, clerks, motorway managers and city court.

Julian D. Schreibman runs against the Republican Peter G. Crummey in the third court area. It includes the districts of Ulster, Greene, Columbia, Rensselaer, Schoharie, Sullivan and Albany. The judges of the Supreme Court have 14 years in office. Any voter with polling station issues on Tuesday can call the Prosecutor General's Electoral Line at (800) 771-7755 or e-mail civil.rights@ag.ny.gov.

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