Dutchess County Orthopedics Poughkeepsie

Orthopaedics Dutchess County Poughkeepsie

An orthopaedic employee of Dutchess County, a medical practice in Poughkeepsie, NY. Dutchess County orthopedic asscociates. Poughkeepsie, NY, medical group practice. The Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County has not yet approved insurance plans. I had to call Poughkeepsie to change an appointment.

Orthopaedic workers from Dutchess County in Poughkeepsie, NY - (845) 454-0120 M├ędical

Our backbone team is made up of a team of community qualified and Executive Director accredited orthopaedic surgeries, physician physicians and non-surgical backbone professionals. Our range of non-surgical and operative treatments for diseases of the vertebral column, including traumas, degenerations and deformities is complete. If an operation is necessary, our spin team provides minimal intervention techniques such as microdissectomy, cyphoplasty and vertebral column fusions.

Orthopaedic Staff - Poughkeepsie, NY

Orthopaedic people seeking top-notch, full treatment need look no further than Dutchess County orthopaedic professionals. Customers have full and complete prosthetic equipment at their disposal. Specialised orthopaedic Associates provides a range of medical expertise including sport medical treatment, orthopaedic treatment for adults and children, orthopaedic treatment of fractures, orthopaedic cancer, osteoarthritis, rheumatology, spinal column, hands, feet, ankles, traumas and arthroscopy.

In the Hudson Valley, people have the comfort of being able to choose offices in Poughkeepsie, Fishkill, Hopewell Junction, Rhinebeck and Kingston. One of the most prestigious and gifted in this field is our surgical team. Dr. Lawrence J. Kusior, F.A.A.A.A.O.S., orthopaedic specialist, is just one of the twenty prestigious doctors at the firm of orthopaedic associates.

Dr. Kusior graduated from the Health Science Center in Syracuse and continued his orthopedics education at the University of Massachusetts medical center. In addition, he spent an extra year of specialist subspeciality education in sport health at Ohio State University' Ohio Clinic. Dr. Kusior, like all of the doctors in the team, has been comprehensively trained in an orthopaedic field so that his clients can be sure that they will receive the best possible treatment.

Dr. Kusior is state of the art in the field of joint, articular and acromionectomy.

Worked at Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County : staff appraisals

I' ve been with the firm for 10 years and had to communicate with different divisions and the medical staff, it was a very interesting work. It was also fun to work one to one with the team. You don't take any notice of your people. You don't even take cares of your patient, you just take charge of the moneys.

Will these ratings help you find out more about working at Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County? It is an employee who is always on the lookout for new staff and does not try to rewards those who have been there for a long while. When you want to work in a place you NEVER want to increase but stack a whole lot of work on you, even though the workload others have either abandoned or refused, this is the place for you.

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