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Newspaper companies in the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Dutchess County. Jewish Federation of Dutchess County addresses the most critical needs of the Jewish community. Dr. Hinds is moving the practice to Northern Dutchess Hospital. Newspapers & ;

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The two men found convicted of the detonation of the marijuana building that murdered FDNY battalion chief Michael Fahy, a Westchester-based Rockland-born man, were imprisoned. 44-year-old Fahy was a Yonkers inhabitant, North Rockland High School graduate..... One 53-year-old man was struck and killed by a pull over night in Rockland County, according to MTA officials. a...

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One bioscience instructor at Haviland Middle School was one of four shortlisted for the New York State Professor of the Year 2015. This 0.42 hectare property is held by Key Bank and was leased by the town for several years for $1 per year for communal car parks and communal facilities such as Harscrabble Day and Red Hook Farmer's Market.

While Red Hook is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in Dutchess County, the number of Tivoli's inhabitants has actually declined. Households expect a decrease in fiscal receipts that will be about the same as the rise in expenditure, mainly due to lower mortgages, legal penalties and funeral charges. Mr Tube cited rising power and healthcare security prices and falling VAT and mortgages income as great challanges for the budgetary processes this year.

Dutchess County Jewish Federation

Aimed at the most discerning needs of the JDL. Provide a lively, nurturing, cohesive and lasting on-site Jews. We work with our global partner organizations to promote strong links with Jews around the globe, strengthen our communities and serve those at greatest peril.

Yisrael has a long history of sympathy and sympathy with Dutchess County's Jews to maximize the effect of Klal Yisrael. Reading the vast Hebrew countryside, we are identifying present needs and planning to minister in the years to come. All donors who contribute to the Federation take responsibility for the weak, build and nurture Jews' identities, promote the interests of the community, and contribute to a powerful and safe Israeli and worldwide Jewry.

We also organize tens of imaginative, funny events and meetings for adults, kids and family directly in their own garden....because a young Jew is dependent on it - the way forward by helping the family to get involved in educational and juvenile travel to Israel.

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