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Netherlandish County, NY

The state tried in 1880 to demand the maintenance of essential documents. Today, this Act is the foundation for the registration of childbirths, matrimonies and fatalities in New York. Originally recorded in the community, country or municipality where the meeting took place, a copy will be sent to Albany.

We should also point out that the observance of the 1880 Act was sluggish and many incidents were not reported. Photocopies of life data documents labelled "for genealogy research only" may be made out at the national or regional government. That is only the case for a birth registered at least seventy-five years ago and for a marriage or death registered fifty years ago or before.

From 1847, New York has been hearing suit for a divorce in the county's highest tribunal where the petition for a divorce was made. But New York divorce records are closed for 100 years. When the colonies were in force, legal proceedings for decree had to be filed with the governors or the legislative authorities, and only a few were upheld.

The older notes are in the State Archive. I' ve put down the Dutchess County Record Management Bureau adress. So I don't know what, if any, crucial notes they are maintaining, but the telephone number is recorded so you can call and ask them. You can find a listing of city and/or local government contact numbers and telephone numbers where important documents are available on the Dutchess County Genealogical Society vital record website.

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