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The Dutchess County Villas

Photo courtesy of Dutchess County Tourism. For groups - Grounds & Trails - Directions - Nearby attractions. The National Park Service manages the villas in Dutchess County, one of the best places to train at Christmas time.

Away from NYC: Beautiful Dutchess County Vanderbilt Manor House, NY

When you have not discovered the Hudson River eastern bank just south of Mid-Hudson, you will be pleasantly surprised. Just under 2 hours from New York City, the treasure of Dutchess County seems to be endless and satisfying. Its closeness to the city and ease of entry to the powerful Hudson River and its steamships, which went up and down from New York to Albany, made this country a much sought-after property and tourism resort from the early19s.

Grand Central Railroad provided a steady link from remote locations such as Hyde Park or Rhinebeck to the city. Industrial villas appeared on the banks of the Hudson and showed the general population their net value. Vanderbilt Mansion is one of the most impressive villas built on the east bank of the Hudson fortress.

With only 54 rooms, it is not the biggest, but from the river's point of view it is the most dominant. With 65 rooms the bigger one is the manor house Staatsburgh, which was owned by the Mills. The Vanderbilt Mansion was conceived and constructed between 1896-1899 for Frederick and Louise Vanderbilt.

In those days the view of the villa from the boat that went down the stream was the top of the show-off. Being the quintessence of the Beaux-Art American Renaissance styled property project of unsurpassed riches and ressources in a search for a fast increase in the stature of the company to be warrant. One of Cornelius Vanderbilt's grandchildren, Arthur T. Vanderbilt Fortune's Children, describes the family's many years.

Situated near Roosevelt's property in Hyde Park, the property was part of the same social group. When in 1940 a granddaughter of the former owners, Margaret "Daisy" Van Alen, was looking for a purchaser for the 600-acre property from which she became too weary, FDR encourages her to make a donation to the National Park Service.

Today the house is a historically important place with a large plot of land and official garden open to the general population. With the Catskill Hills in the back to the south, the views of Hudson are stunning. The National Park Service offers guided walks through the villa every hour, completed with intriguing history and interesting live-style tales about the owner and operators.

Films like Downton Abbey or Gosford Park come to your head when you're on a tour of the storeys and look into the corridors and bedroom. For three years the villa has been restored outside. This property has magnificent formal gardens that have been taken care of by the Vanderbilt Garden Association. Please check the National Park Service website for further information.

For a Great Estates Pass to visit the villas, visit the Dutchess Country Tourism website. Thinking of a sleepover in Dutchess county, NY? Think of the picturesque hiking resort Rhinebeck, NY. Inquire for a room on the Delamat side of the house for a peaceful room on a mini-plot while you are still in the centre of the town.

You can also find other accommodation at Dutchess County Tourism.

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