Dutchess County Mall

The Dutchess County Mall

The Dutchess Mall was a closed shopping center in the United States in Fishkill, New York. bcx_spam class="mw-headline" id="History">Geschichte[edit]>> The Dutchess Mall was the first shopping mall in Dutchess County to open in 1974[3] The mall occupies part of an area that during the American Revolution war was manned by the Fishkill Encampment and Supply Depot, which has been registered in the National Register of Historical Places since the opening of Dutchess Mall.

4 ] The Fishkill Encampment was previously intended to be converted into a protected area, but the plans were rejected[5] The shopping centre's initial anchor sites were J. W. Mays Company and Luckey Platt, two large regional stores;[6] Flah's (another large municipal store)[6] and Drug World (a pharmacy) as well as Radio Shack and Waldenbooks.

Entrance to the Dutchess Mall, 2004. J. W. Mays shut down in the 1980' and was superseded by Gaynes[7]. In 1988 Gaynes was transformed into a Jamesway discounter again, which was shut down in 1995. The Luckey Platt store shut down in the 1980' and was superseded by Service Merchandise, which shut down on 24 December 1996 and moved to nearby South Hills Mall[3] The former Service Merchandise was soon superseded by the Dutchess flea market.

After the two mooring shutters disappeared, the other shutters also began to close, and until 2001 only the fleamarket was left. Interieur of the Dutchess fleamarket, 2004. In 1999 the company announces its intention to transform the shopping center into a commercial municipality called Hudson Valley Metro Centre. Because of high start-up expenses, the scheme was abandoned[9] and by 2001 the shopping centre was completely closed down except for the fleamarket, which was still open.

A group of New York based artists developed a design to turn the Dutchess Mall into a women's jail two years later. After several years of vacancies, the shopping centre was eventually torn down for a home depot that opened on 5 July 2006[1] Only the shopping centre itself was torn down. Former Jamesway and Service Merchandise premises remained untouched.

Because of the tear down of the shopping centre the fleamarket was soon shut down.

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