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Learn about Dutchess County Prison in Poughkeepsie NY. Dutches County Jail One of the Wrongest in the State, says reports According to a new article by the New York State Commission of Correction, Dutchess County Jail is one of the state' s worse prisons. Problems of congestion, delay in the construction of a new prison, suicide of prisoners due to inadequate health services and supervision were among the topics addressed in the document.

And Dutchess County Executive Marc molinaro concurred. "It confirms what we consider insufficient, which is why we are substituting it, and it confirms what I said on the date I took office," said Mollinaro. This Wednesday, the European Parliament adopted the document entitled "The Worst Offenders: It is imperative for our state to have a system of penal law that is equitable, secure and respectful, and we will succeed.

"Dutchess County is working in close cooperation with the NYS Commission of Correction (COC) to plan and shape the new Dutchess County Justice and Transition Center," said Mr Moleinaro. "When I took up my post in 2012, one of the main priorities of my government was to tackle the decades -long lack of room in the present correctional institution.

"Approaching the issue in an aggressive manner from various perspectives, we tried to make holistic improvements to our penal system and create a body that can help people get their life back on course while guaranteeing security and long-term taxpayers' savings," he said. and the $192 million new prison facilities will be discontinued to open in 2021, Molinaro said.

Dutchess County Prison can take 492 detainees and currently has 405. Results of the survey included the following about Dutchess County Prison: The construction and extension of the prison will be significantly postponed from the initial target of 2017 to 2023. Hercules used to cram over 200 detainees to other county prisons throughout the state with the estimated costs of $6 million a year.

At present, the district is relying on four provisional, prefabricated residential accommodation to make 200 extra places available. Studies have been carried out on the deaths of two prisoners, one in 2011 and one in 2014. In 2011, the European Union found that Correctional Medicinalare Inc. did not supply sufficient health services for the prisoner's deaths.

When the prisoner died in 2014, the prison personnel did not immediately send the prisoner to psychiatric care when he was admitted, although he reported a psychological illness and was recorded as strange behavior. Prisoner classing facility's policies and practices do not mirror prevailing practices and in some cases violate minimum standards.

It used inappropriate commission income to acquire items/services that were not for the well-being and rehablitation of prisoners as necessary. It was unable to prove that the periodical Commission programme audit was complete as is. Prison did not provide the prisoners with the necessary amount of movement outdoors every day.

The prison authorities have not asked the competent authorities for an yearly fire check of the prison. During the fire protection checks, the plant did not deal with the fire risks in time. It was unjustified that prisoners were charged for notarial service and that they had restricted entry to detainees in need. This institution does not provide education and training for young people worthy of support, especially underage people.

Early this weekend Dutchess County achieved a $50,000 settlement to pay for the loss of Kaseem Pankey, who was killed after he hanged himself in the county jail in November 2014. Insheriff Kirk Imperati said the prison trustees are amazed about the rapport along with his discoveries. "We' re a little bit taken by surprise with this COC report," said Imperati.

" He said prison administrator Michael Walters was approached last weeks by the COC, which divided the discoveries, and the Dutchess County Prison was told that there would be a likelihood of responding to the incident by March 2018. "We' re not pleased (the report), but we have a good rapport with them (COC) and we know that we can solve all these problems," said Imperati.

From 1 January 2016 to 26 December 2017, there were 100 cases of referrals to hospitals, 14 cases of occupant unrest, and cases of smuggling and imported smuggling by visitors. Nine prisoners have also attempted suicides. Both Rikers Island Service, Greene County Jail, Erie County Holding Center and Correction Service and Onondaga County Justice Center and Prison for Issues were quoted in the reports.

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