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Germaness County Inns

A former dairy farm near the picturesque village of Montgomery in Orange County. Red Hook Country Inn: Nice place to stay in Dutchess County. Nice place to live in Dutchess County. - review von The Red Hook Country Inn, Red Hook, NY

The room was crammed with too much furnishings, electric wiring and overvoltage protection, shutters that don't work, cupboards that don't open and shut correctly, too much street racket and uncomfortable cribs. I never heard a hoover during my sojourn, filth lying on the floor on the first morning of our sojourn was still there when we left a few workdays later.

Cook was gone during our sojourn, and the maid cooked. Our agro-alcoholic beverages were liquid and chilled, and we chose every day to eat either egg, egg or egg. As Abe Lincoln once said: "Sometimes you can please some of the people.........but you can never please everyone all the time".

Our vacuum cleaners are used when the guest are not in the guesthouse, especially as some of them stay in their rooms and enjoy the comforts of their bed. I' m also in the dining room and have no problems with what's being cooked next to me. Whilst my man was away, I served you all kinds of nuts, fried toasts, oat flakes, yoghurt, chilled pasta doughnuts, yoghurt, Cottage cheeses, cereals, yams, lard, bacon, cold cuts and much more.

I' ve got 24 hours of Keuregs with warm cafe and the Mornings Prep Cafe is on a burner..hard to get cool unless something was breaking down and it wasn't catched until your cafe got cool. I' ve verified it and it works perfectly. Actually, there are only 3 rooms that could have road traffic in a rural community during peak traffic hours.

None of our rooms have non-functional Venetian shutters, as I have just examined each of your symptoms myself. The guesthouse is 175 years old and the sockets are usually behind the cot.

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