Dutchess County Elections

Elections in the County of Dutchess

Surveys are over; review the results. Reeya Banerjee, like many Dutchess County citizens, chose on Tuesday. Banerjee said at Rombout Middle School in Beacon that "it's important to dial in municipal election..

.. everything starts there. Electoral supervisors and voter office employees in the area report that voter turnout ranges from medium to high. Large scale racing involved accountants, the legislative and the ninth judicial district, according to election commissioners Marco Caviglia and Erik Haight of Dutchess County.

However, there were a number of other community events, among them City Council, Wardens, Judiciary, Employee and Hwy Superintendents. Many electorates named the Constitutional Covenant as their greatest worry when asked in the electoral process. Throughout a recent event, republican electoral envoy Erik Haight said he named law enforcement when Christopher Petsas, a democratic city councillor from Poughkeepsie who runs for re-election, declined to depart the Interfaith site.

The electoral body said Dutchess Co. is home to 176,225 actively campaigning people. This year' s vote will be determined by 153 open office events in the area. Out of the 17 city chiefs standing for vote in Dutchess, only six were challenged. Figures were slightly better in the district legislation, where the 25 eligible places were available and 19 of them were challenged.

Poughkeepsie will be the place where people will choose a new job: Tony Daniele, 70, said he put his voice for the council member on-great for the politician who can think out of the case because that's what the town needs. "Poughkeepsie Interfaith Towers' voting hall (Station 1) was busy from 6:00 p.m. and the electorate poured in and out.

A Newman, who served as town of Poughkeepsie Mayors in the nineties, said she feels pivotal spending inclusive of the buses consolidation dispute and the city's new on-great councils stance drove city voters to the ballots. The Poughkeepsie Town Hall had elected 435 persons by 4:10 p. m., according to Election Inspector Charles Geiger.

Electoral inspector Dean Poorman said the voter turnout for a nonpresidential was high. The city of Poughkeepsie residents Gail Greco said she chose for Jon Baisley in the city watch race because he was helping her and her spouse, Richard, with a real estate issue on her road. Malinda Mortell, 46, who lives in Poughkeepsie, considers the municipal election to be the most important and where her vote is most important.

Mortell said that in comparison to municipal elec-tions, domestic elec-tions "mean nothing". "I know that the municipal ballot will be won and defeated by one or two people. "Nationwide polls mean nothing. It' the point-of-care shit that's critically important to me. I care about what happens in Dutchess County. "More than 400 at Rombout Middle School as of about 3 p. m. John Berry, an electoral laborer, said that's above par for the site.

Banerjee, the voters of Beacon, attaches great importance to the town. 32-year-old does not want the town to stop construction, but she wants the officers to slow down. By unanimous vote in September, the Beacon Council adopted a six-month mortgage on housing and business developments, a move that was triggered by concerns about the burden that a new flow of housing developments could place on the city's public utility system.

There is the worry that (beacon) will be overcrowded....do we have the necessary infrastruc? to help new inhabitants, do we have the cloak? "Will this radically alter the nature of what makes Beacon Beacon? "For Rich Woodward, 55, based in the town of Beacon, "taxes and order " are important topics in this choice.

" in the Dutchess County legislature for the officeholder Jerry Landisi, an independent. "He' a native, I know him well," said Woodward. "Around 500 voting at Fishkill Plains Primary School in East Fishkill from around 4 p.m. including John Jay High School soccer trainer Tom O'Hare.

" At Red Hook High School 628 people from about 4:30 p. m. had elected - election examiner Eleanor Frery said a fistful of peers were outside the college awaiting when Polls opened at 6 a. m. Haight said the Interfaith site was not shut down when cops were named, but those who were not there to elect or work were asked to go.

Poughkeepsie City P.D. got a call around 3:30pm from Interfaith Towers, a retirement home group, which was an unsubstantiated grievance about a dispute on the premises. Speaking to Marco Caviglia, the Democrat Electoral Commissar, he said that every vote will receive these kinds of cries. Previously, off-year polls, or non-presidential years, attract a much lower turnout since they do not include big-ticketing, according to Caviglia and Haight.

Yet, they said, hot-button national spending, like the State Constitutional Convent, could also kindle greater involvement. Thirty year old Brittany Brace, a member of the 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East trade unions, said she said she cast "no" in her vote for the Constitutional Assembly, popularly known as "Con". "I think it should be the same," said the man from Poughkeepsie.

" Greco rejected the Constitutional Treaty because he thought the representatives could cancel his retirement. I' m worried they could take things away from me that I've worked my whole lifetime for," said Greco, who was voting in Poughkeepsie City Hall.

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