Dutchess County Courthouse

American County Courthouse

ADA is accessible and equipped with bathrooms and telephones. It has a certain charm and is still a functioning courthouse. Nom d'orts : Palais de justice du comté de Dutchess.

District Executive:Press Releases:Dutchess County Courthouse dedicates itself to the honourable Albert M. Rosenblatt

Poughkeepsie, NY.... Dutchess County celebrates the Dutchess County 300 year celebrations of democracy with the appreciation of people who have helped to enhance the Dutchess County's people. Dutchess County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro paid tribute to the work of Honorable Albert M. Rosenblatt with the Dutchess County Courthouse's honour.

Albert M. Rosenblatt's carreer has captured the length and width of the New York judicial system. Judge Rosenblatt began his professional life as a lawyer after obtaining his doctorate at Harvard Law School in 1960. He became Dutchess County Deputy District Attorney in 1964, an office he served until his election as Dutchess County District Attorney in 1969.

In 1975 he was appointed district judge and was in this function until 1981. Judge Rosenblatt began his long and outstanding career in state jurisdiction in November 1981 when he was appointed judge of the New York State Supreme Court. Between 1987 and 1989, he was chief administrative judge of the New York state court and headed the day-to-day business of all the state court.

In 1989 he became a judge at the New York State Supreme Courts, Appellate Division, the second highest tribunal of the state. In 1999 he was named judge at the New York Courts of Appeals and served until the end of 2006. Judges Rosenblatt examined the most complex cases in the country and provided a definitive ruling on all disputes except those relating to federal or federal constitution.

During his entire professional life, Richter Rosenblatt operated either an agency or a chamber in the Dutchess County Courthouse. Richter Rosenblatt has been working in his area and in the municipality since his retirement in December 2006. Mr. Poughkeepsie of McCabe & Mack LLP and is a lawyer at the New York University School of La.

Justice Rosenblatt and his spouse, Dr. Julia Carlson Rosenblatt, live in the city of LaGrange. Today's ceremonies were witnessed by Honorable Jonathan Lippman, Chief Justice of the New York State Court of Appeals and other distinguished figures from across the county and state. The commemorative tablet in honour of Judge Rosenblatt was revealed at the ceremonial in the foyer of the Dutchess County Courthouse.

It was co-ordinated with the Dutchess County Bar Association, Mid-Hudson Women's Bar Association & Dutchess County Magistrates Association. The Dutchess County Court judge, the honorary Peter Forman, said: "The Dutchess County judiciary is delighted to be celebrating the careers of a truly outstanding lawyer, pensioned Court of Appeals judge Albert M. Rosenblatt by devoting the County Courthouse on his behalf.

We' re very proud to welcome more than 30 magistrates from across the state, five of whom are unparalleled members of the Court of Appeal. "Honourable Albert Rosenblatt has devoted his time to the civil servant, it is only appropriate that we inaugurate the Dutchess County Courthouse in his honour.

Let his knowledge and dignity reverberate in his hall for all future generations," concludes County Executive Molinaro.

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