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Clerk at the District Court of Dutchess

Please contact the court for specific accommodations. It is the office of the Village Court of Justice to administer the court proceedings in connection with the processing of cases. Le juge Paul O. Sullivan Greffier de la justice : Our office is closed on Fridays.

The first court building of the Dutch woman was erected in 1720 after the separation from Ulster.

Today's Dutchess County Courthouse, on the southwestern edge of Market and Main Street in the borough of Poughkeepsie, is often quoted as the third building to do so in the same location; in fact, it is the fifth. First one was erected in 1720 after the Dutch woman split from the county of Ulster in 1713 and a province law provided that the judges of the question of freedom justify the choice of a warden, bursars, two assessor and two taxpayers for the new unit.

Richard Sackett became the first county clerk in 1715 and a year later Leonard Lewis was named the first court of appeal magistrate, but there was no court building. In that year, a law was adopted that provided for construction to take place within two years, but it did not. Another law to construct a court building was adopted on 27 May 1717, and this year Sackett and Lewis' impact had a beneficial effect on his work.

In 1743, a second court building was approved when an acquisition of £300 was made. This was the court building of 1745, which triggered much of today's insecurity about the number of houses that were used as courthouses. Edmund Platt's 1905 "History of Poughkeepsie", in a note, states that "the first volume of the Guardians and Reviewers (of June 1717) was probably not known to the writers (Smiths)", which could have brought about its inexact date for the first outbuildings.

In spite of the chaos, it was the third court house - constructed in 1785 - that became famous for the accession of the New York delegations for the US Constitution in 1788. The court house was badly destroyed again in September 1806 and substituted in 1809. It was demolished in 1901 to create the present courthouse.

In the 1930', as part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration's initiatives, the Poughkeepsie P PO on Mansion Street was conceived as an extended copy of the 1785 courthouse. A large wall painting on the second storey inside the house shows the constitution ratified in the court house two blocs north.

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