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The Dutchess County Secretary

District secretary's office. State Clerk:Fees By the time the County Clerk's Office receives only those documents that are linked to reality. Since November 1, 2007, Dutchess County real estate mortgages are taxed in four ways: In the case of real estate to be upgraded or upgraded by one or two homes and the amount of the loan is $9,950 or less, the loan is taxed by adding the next hundred dollar to the value of the loan ($50.00 and less laps, $50.01 and more laps upwards).

Hypothecary income taxes are charged at .75% of the round amount. On real estate that is or is to be upgraded by a three to six home families, the mortgages are charged by adding the next hundred bucks to the value of the loan ($50.00 and lower laps down, $50.01 and higher laps up).

Hypothecary income taxes amount to 1.05% of the round amount. In the case of industrial real estate, the mortgages are charged by adding or subtracting the mortgages to the next hundred dollar ($50.00 and lower laps, $50.01 and higher laps). Hypothecary income taxes amount to 1.05% of the round amount.

The Dutchess County Clerk's Office:Meet the County Clerk

Brad Kendall, Dutchess County Clerk, was named County Clerk in December 2006 by the former Governor of the State of New York, George E. Pataki. Mr. Kendall successfully stood for reelection in 2007 and re-election in 2011 and 2015. Before being named County Clerk, Clerk Kendall was Dutchess County Legislator for the cities of Dover and Union Vale from 1994-2006.

Clerk Kendall was appointed Chairman of the Dutchess County Legislature in 2000, a post he occupied until his inauguration. Chaired seven terms, Clerk Kendall was one of the longest serving chairmen in the Dutchess County family. A 1973 Arlington High School alumnus and a 1977 Williams College alumnus, Clerk Kendall is a National Merit Award winning student.

Clerk Kendall, a practical County Clerk, has become involved in the daily operation of the Clerk's Office. They are informed about all the department's surgeries and can be seen behind the counter next to their people. Clerk Kendall has given the department a corporate mindset as the proprietor; and as a result, the County Clerk's Office is still in profit every year, generating income for Dutchess County and thus maintaining low Wealth Tax.

Cluster Kendall has established effective programmes such as Re-energise Local First, a programme to help Dutchess County inhabitants update their car registration and driving licences here in Dutchess County to keep their income in Dutchess County. Founded the Dutchess County FAVOR (Find and Assist of Record ) ID Cards.

He and his family live in Dover with his spouse Barbara and are the fathers of two boys, Steven and Travis. Employee Kendall is on the executive committee of Dutchess Land Conservancy.

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