Dutchess County 911

Netherlandish County 911

East Dutchess County Fire and Rescue, NY. State Government:Emergency Services:All about 9-1-1-1-1:Calling 9-1-1 For Dutchess County, if you need to call a fire, ambulance or law enforcement alert, dial 9-1-1-1. If you have a firefighter, ambulance or policeman present immediately, dial 9-1-1-1. Seconds matter in a slump. There' s a simple number to call to notify of a fire, health care incident or policing incident.

However, please keep in mind that 9-1-1-1-1 is ONLY an urgent number! and that number in an urgent case is 9-1-1-1-1. 9-1-1-1-1 is simple..... from a Dutchess County call, hear a dialling signal, and then just call 9-1-1-1-1. If the answering machine is answering the call, you will be asked to check the place from which you are making the call and to describe the type of emergencies.

Although the emergency answering machine is still on the telephone, a second caller (dispatcher) is still there. The call initiator now asks you further queries such as "What is your name" and other relevant issues for getting the help you need. It sometimes seems that the asked question is irrelevant.

If there is a health emergencies, several patients are asked about it. You will also receive 911 Call-Taker directions on how to help the patients until the car is there. Remain quiet, respond to any question about the distress call and do not hung up until you are asked to do so.

Notify the ambulance to report: Emergencies are any situations that are necessary to maintain lives or belongings, immediate reaction by health care services, fire or cop. Don't call 911: For non-urgent fire or health service call 471-1414. The following table provides a non-urgent call to a Dutchess County policing station.

District Government:Emergency Services:Extended 9-1-1 Supervisory Board

The Dutchess County Legislative established the Enhanced 9-1-1-1 Oversight Board in 1999. In the decision it says: "The County of Dutchess hereby appoints the Supervisory Board E-911, which meets every two months or, if necessary, more often, depending on the opinion of the Chairman. At the E-911 Communications Center, the E-911 Oversight Board is responsible for making suggestions to the Department of Emergency Response for call acceptance and dispatch operations.

It also acts as a forum for hearings and decisions on all disputes, inquiries and issues that may arise from a request by the "E-911 Dispatch Center". To gain a wide spectrum of prospects, the Oversight Council consists of approximately 15 nominated persons from various groups, among them citizens, fire districts, EMS, police authorities, County Executive Representatives,icipal Leaders, Highway and the County Legislature.

At present, the Executive Board holds its meetings every three months on the 4th Monday of the respective months.

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