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preface It is not the most difficult thing in the whole wide range of languages: language acquisition, language acquisition, language acquisition, language acquisition, language acquisition, etc. are all subject to stringent language proficiency regulations, which can usually be described in just a few words. This free on-line course contains all the essential English language skills, as well as all the necessary English language skills, as well as many on-line tutorials and exams.

It is a very good and well-structured introductory course to learning it. Nevertheless, it is good to have a good instructor and a good reading if you want to study German. You will have many additional tutorials (for beginner, experienced and even advanced!) and we have a dedicated pronunciation program that you can downlaod.

Number up to 100 in the Netherlands! As a fan of the Netherlands, how useful it is for me to study the country. Put your paws down, the best side I've ever seen for studying German. Many free web sites where you can study German. Includes all the basics you need in terms of terminology, lexicology and even phrasing, as well as many on-line quizzes and exercises.

It was used every two or three day and it turned out to be one of the best resources for me to understand dutch quickly and efficiently. It is the best site I know to quickly become fluent in German. If you are more experienced, the video section, the NOS Journaal, the sayings and explanations or the backgrounds (with the Royal House of the Netherlands on YouTube)(Extra) are useful.

So if you think you need help or just want to get in touch with someone who might encounter the same issues, you will be glad to know that there is a discussion board where hardly any questions remain unsolved. It is always possible to go to our on-line chats and talk to other pupils or even your teacher.......

Instructors, Netherlandish and very, very experienced international users can use the site Netherland4all (completely in Dutch!).

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