Dutch Country

The Dutch country

Find out more about the Amish, holidays in Amish Country PA and more! The Pennsylvania Dutch Country has a mixture of civil war history, sweets and traditions. Pretzel store and bakery in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Discover Pennsylvania Dutch Country holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.

Lancaster, PA Dutch country: Appetizations, Amish, Entertainment (2018)

Wellcome to Lancaster County, PA (also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country)! Created by natives, we sincerely wish that this website will help you find out more about our area and discover the many activities and activities for all age groups in Lancaster and Pennsylvania Dutch Country. This page tells you what to do, where to sleep, where to go shopping, how to get to know the Amish, get vouchers, find out about regional activities and much more!

Asked what they like most about Lancaster County, our meals are often at the top of the game. You will be able to eat in one of our many delicious Lancaster eateries (including Smorgasboard and our familiy restaurants) while enjoying them straight from the farmstead, whether you visit a Lancaster farmer's fair or a baker's shop. You will find a wide range of top-of-the-range shops that sell handcrafted American blankets, Indian furnishings, handicrafts and other top-of-the-range goods (including American products).

In addition, discount hunters will enjoy our range of Lancaster, PA based prime outlets. If you' re staying over, you can get a good night's rest. Lancaster County offers a large choice of accommodation, which includes many beautiful properties ranging from beautiful hotel and motel, B&B guesthouses, apartments and holiday homes to campsites.

They can even stay on a Lancaster County ranch! Discover some of the many things you can do this months in Lancaster, PA, which includes the July 4 firework display and the Lancaster Celebration. There is even a free activities in Lancaster, PA. Lancaster, PA is the oldest Amic village in the USA.

This is a thriving Municipality of America, although it still relies on the transport of horses and buggies and rejects the use of power. We' re American Country PA! Find out more about the American people ( "Amish") (including their way of life and faith). They can also go to some of the area' s most popular Irish sights and even take an Irish pushchair in Lancaster, PA.

Lancaster, PA welcomes over 8 million unique guests each year. You like modern amusement, the diversity of leisure pursuits and the tranquil landscape. Enjoy a pleasant holiday while visiting picturesque cities such as Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse. It' simple to chill out and enjoy our wonderful agricultural landscape and the clip-clop sounds of roadside resounding horse.

We help you to keep your Lancaster holiday payable. Lancaster offers vouchers for Lancaster rides, dining, shops and accommodation to help you keep your spending down. We' re also pointing out some free activities and other ways to help you earn extra cash in Lancaster. When you call Lancaster County, PA "home", we have chosen a wide range of stores in the area to service the people.

There' s everything from lawyers in Lancaster, via church, roofers, home builder, school and college, banquet rooms and event locations, finance service, jewelry, DIY, furnishing shops, retirement service, relocation service and even marriage scheduling resource in Lancaster, PA. A visit to Lancaster County is like a voyage of discovery into a new time.

Well, good things happen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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