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I' m Kate Middleton News: When the Duchess of Cambridge saw Prince William, what did she say? Royal | Messages The two graduated in Fine Arts from Prince William and later switched to Geography. Since then, Prince William has acknowledged that he had to "rack his brains" to recall their first encounter, even though the couple were good buddies before Cupid's flick. She unveiled everything during her TV-study in 2010.

"He wasn't from Fresher's Week, so it took us a while to get to know each other. "Kate and William later knotted in front of a worldwide crowd of dozens of millions at a generous celebration at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011.

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Was Kate wearing a Prince William billboard? She was joking: Had the Levi type on my mural, not a painting of William. Willam said: As the Duchess also said, the division made her "stronger" as a character.

I' m Kate Middleton News: Duchesse had these two unlikely positions before she joined the Royal Family.

Now she no longer has to be worried about her livelihood, because she and William receive an seven-digit yearly" allowance" from Prince Charles for the life and upbringing of their offspring. Before the 36-year-old entered the Royal Family, Kate was a perfectly ordinary Berkshire woman who earned her livelihood like everyone else.

After graduating from St. Andrews University in 2005, Kate earned a 2:1 Arts Historical Masters. Kate spent a year working with her wife and daughter before moving to Jigsaw, a UK retail store. Middletons were closely associated with the Robinson and Belle and John Robinson were the founders of the name.

In this capacity, the current queen worked three times a day a week as a shopper of accessoires, where she ran shopping, made teas and assisted in photo shoots. Speaking of Kate in an 2008 Evening Standard press release, Belle commended her work at the dealer and said she was "so excited about her".

Jigsaw founders also named Kate "very mature" for a 26-year-old. She worked for the company for about a year and left her post in 2007 because she needed "some self time". While she was away from work, Kate also worked on her separation from Prince William. After separating and working for Jigsaw, Kate went back to the Middleton Group.

She has a younger sibling Pippa Matthews, 34, and a younger sibling James Middleton, 31. In 1984 Kate and her grandparents relocated to Amman, Jordan, where the prospective duchess was trained in an English-speaking kindergarten. When the Kate couple returned to Berkshire, they sent them to a privately run college, St Andrews High.

When Kate and Kate were at St. Andrews and both were at St. Salvator's Hall, they saw Prince William. William Kate was reported to have a preference after wearing a transparent gown during a show. In October 2010 Prince William suggested Kate Middleton with his deceased mother's ring of betrothal Princess Diana.

On the big date, Kate was wearing a gown by Alexander McQueen valued at 250,000 pounds.

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