Dry Creek Wineries

Dry Creek Wineries

Zinfandel, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, these wonderful wineries in Dry Creek Valley have something to offer for every wine lover. The Vineyard Dry Creek is one of the few remaining family-owned vineyards in California. Cooperative tasting room for family wineries. Zinfandels from Dry Creek Valley specializes in single vineyards. This family-run winery in Dry Creek Valley also produces olive oil and chimney bread.

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3,770 Lambert Bridge Road, United States. Those are the words that make up our family-owned vineyard. Established in 1972, we would like to welcome you to our home grown estate in the Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County. Our wineclub is proud to offer our entire wineclub-group the best in terms of client services, special offers and limit-weines.

We have been producing classical grape varieties since 1972, which defines their vine variety categories. The 185 hectares of our vines are the basis of our farm. Monthly Single-Vinyard Series - $1 Standard Shipping! This selection highlights the microclimate and terroir of the hand-picked vines within Dry Creek Valley and Russian River Valley.

The first new vineyard in the area to be built after prosecution, the founding father David Stare opened the way for the reincarnation of viticulture in this lively area. The Bordeaux estate was also the first to use the word "meritage" (1985) and the word "old vine" to describe the Zinfandel vineyard beforeprohibitions.

A first class estate that celebrates more than four years of wine-making and is run by the second generations. Dave's subsidiary, Kim Stare Wallace, is president of a flourishing vineyard and vineyard company with 185 hectares of sustainable land. The vineyard has been awarded one of the 100 best wineries of 2015 by Wine & Spirits Magazine and is also 100% certified for sustainability.


There are over 60 wineries to chose from, so it can be difficult to decide which ones to attend at your winery tastings. The Geyser Peak Winery's 2018 Summer Concert Series is pleased to announce Fleetwood Mask, the definitive Fleetwood Mac Grand Tour on July 14. Take your family with you, get together with your family, make new ones.

14-15 July Time: 11:00-16:30 Cost: $15 (free for club members) for tastings and tastings. We are commemorating the French national holiday, 14 July, with a particular emphasis on our own Bordeaux-style mix, West Crest Cuvée. Cuvée is a unique cuvée, and the traditional grape varieties of the.....

19 + 20 July Time: 12:00 pm to 14:00 pm Place: The Lambert Bridge Winery Price: $95 Members + Visitors $125 Non-Member Reservations: A seasonal meal with local produce made by a Sonoma County cook in conjunction with Lambert Bridge.....

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