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The Dream is a flagship hotel in downtown Manhattan with a modern theme. Get tickets for Dream Hotel NYC New Year's Eve party. There is a restaurant and café in the hotel. Rickey at the Dream Midtown Hotel, New York, NY. Find out who you know at Dream Downtown, use your professional network and get hired.

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Downtown Hotel Review, New York

The city centre is situated in the centre of Manhattan, directly between the Meatpacking District and Chelsea. Situated just five minutes from Chelsea Market and the High Line is only two block away. Visitors are also close to the trendy Greenwich Village with its restaurants and nightclubs such as Jay Z's Spotted Pig and the small's and village vanguard Jazzmarket.

The hotel is a designer bomb, both inside and out. There is full entrance to the 50 -foot swimming pools and the nearby beaches with deckchairs, swimmingpoolbar and DJ. I' ve eaten at the finish line Bodega Negra. When you live in Dream Downtown, it's better to splash in the West Village or SoHo.

PH-D has a stunning views of the Hudson River and the Empire State Building. Entrance to the elegant event location is ensured between 5 am and 9 am. 30.00 hrs, after that the entrance is at the porter's sole discretion. No. Guest can buy V.I.P. night-life package that includes beverages and guarantee entrance to the event locations.

Not Includes Breakfast; available as part of a pack or a la carte at Bodega Negra Café ($15[£10]-$28[£19]). Disabled people?

Downtown Dream - 376 photos & 430 reviews - hotels - 355 W St-16, Chelsea, New York, NY - telephone number

When you are into very trendy, young folks and folks everywhere at any time, then this is the right hotel for you! and the place was full of 20 guys trying to get into the nightclub (PHD) on the twelfth-story. Try to get your baggage into an lift stuffed with styleuten is not what you want when you have just left a 6-hour flight.....id book the lifts for hotel guests only (but I don't think the personnel have taken care of it).

Nightclub personnel saw that we had just arrived and there were still several persons in our lift to take them to the outfit. Listening to live near the twelfth storey until well into the evening (we remained on the ninth floor). When you are on a business journey and need to get some rest, look elsewhere.

You come here to celebrate, not to go to bed. In this hotel my hubby and I found an outstanding price reduction and reserved it for an jubilee sojourn. Then, 6 and a half day after making the online bookings, I got an e-mail from the bookings saying that the price I had gotten (on their own website, not from a third party) was wrong and that I could either remain for an add. $100 per overnight rental or I could reverse my bookings.

But the after-sales services for our tried sojourn were just awful. I have never had a hotel that could not meet the price they were offering on their own website. Dream's lounges are fantastic! That report is for the happily hours on the roof of the lounges.

The atmosphere is great at happily hours. Later in the evening I listen to it jumping. Beautiful starters and beverages. There was plenty of people in the lounges every single day, along with the roof bars, which had a constant flow of 20-30 something. $330 per room - Had a room that was calm and tranquil at the end of the room, room 517.

Has had a glimpse of the Empire State Buildings (whose highlights were changing every night) Room Services burgers is sound. After we had a lovely supper, my hubby and I went to the dream hotel last evening. When we had leftovers and went into the room's refridgerator, we found that there was no refridgerator equipped with the room.

It was disappointing that there was no way to rescue the meal and I had to discard it. The only trash can in the room was a small one in the bath that didn't go with the meal, so I just let it lie on the writing table in the master suite.

I' dumped the meal on the table at 12 o'clock and awoke at 8 o'clock in the morning to find the table shrouded in hundred of ant's! So I immediately shouted to my father's office. Well, you skipped dinner. And the only answer was that there was no fridge in the room!

Then I was said we should have phoned to bring a fridge into the room. If you skip lunch for a few hour, the place shouldn't be full of gerbils. I can' t even think of the beetles and other pests that must be all over her cuisine!

I don't know why I would want to have filthy dinner in an ant room. When the hotel owner came into our room, he stormed in without even imagining "documenting" the room. They are unlikely to even employ an pest controller, as beetles were no big issue in the whole room and are of equal value for the course in the dream hotel.

We' d been looking forward to spend the whole hotel night, but immediately gathered our things and jumped out. That hotel is mean, dirty, gross, nauseating. Terrible client services! Luncheon in the roof after work with staff. I' ve never been to the hotel. Relax in the swimming pools and the roof top parties before the 4 July week.

The doorman in the Dream Hotel in the city center was humiliating me because I'm Hispanican. The same doorman turned my boyfriend down and I came in, he said that if I didn't stay at the hotel, I wasn't welcome. That destroyed our plan that my employee also lived in this hotel and celebrated her first jubilee.

I am pleased to be able to report that they are enjoying their jubilee elsewhere because they felt disgusted that they could celebrate on the dream roof and my boyfriend and I could not. but that'?s where it ends. In the first ten-minute I was at the hotel, I saw that five guys had problems.

There' s a filthy and tacky hotel book in the room. I phoned room services and no one replied. The reception linked me to room services and had the same problem. There' s an 11oz bottle of $6 worth of bottled or small amount of mineral waters. For the hotel and similar hotel prices I've been staying on in the area, this will fall shortly.

You probably have to, but it would be great to stay in a hotel named Dream. Poor services. I' ve traveled around the globe, covered over a million leagues with a big carrier and that was without a doubt the poorest hotel at all. I remained here, both for work and for vacation.

I used to love to stay here!!!!! The hotel is beautiful and fashionable! The NYC can be quite noisy, but what was beautiful was that there is a kind of whiteness that cancels the sounds of the city. The room waiters' dinner was awesome! The hotel was also centrally located! There' s a roof-top PHD that was so much fun. It' a lot of it.

That evening the DJ had been playing a mixture of hiphop and ever. So I came here for a meeting and I was enjoying the hotel's upscale decor. I' ve had a surprise party in Buddakan, and Dream was across the road. Plus, I'd been staying at this hotel while I was in South Beach, and I thought I'd have the same great time.

Situated in the center of the Meatpacking District; there is a wealth of things to do, to dine, clubs, etc.. It was very easy to check-in, the foyer was very friendly and all my doubts and doubts were addressed at the reception. I' ve ordered room duty and the dinner was just fine.

Dinner arrived in about 25 mins, which wasn't so terrible, but they made a mistake and gave me something I hadn't ordered. Even the bread was tough and had no take-away bread - $65 for an omelet, fried rice with French-fried potatoes and a dual coffee for under perfumery was a drop of bitterness.

I' ve padded better at home and that's unacceptable when you are paying almost $300 for one of them. I would probably not remain here, but I would suggest the roof and their South Beach Hotel stop. and they never came with the kind of popsicles I asked for.

Spacious showers are beautiful. The beverages were delicious and so was the meal. In the dream hotel the hotel manager who verified us remained very kind, her name is Nicole very kind, but when we went to check out the guy who was checking us out, her name was very impolite and not so kind, her name is Lauren, my friend saw an additional fee on his map that we asked for, and her answer was impolite and disgusting.

Otherwise, the personnel next to her was very kind. The room was a little smaller than I thought, but very beautiful.

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