Dodge City Community College

The Dodge City Community College

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The Dodge City Community College - Learning. Think. Do it. Try it. Exploring. They thrive.

It' got a lot simpler to pay for college. You can find yourself a course of study. Find out more about the extra-curricular acitivities that will make your stay here pleasant. "I had a very important need for a community college opportunity - I couldn't have afforded to go out of Dodge City area for my studies. Fortunately I was able to stay and work there and at the same a good training.

"Visiting Dodge City Community College helps me take courses with a small student-to-professor relationship. Once the studies were completed, it assisted in a seamless transfer to a bigger college. At the same it made economic good business sense and offered an excellent training. Through the continuous assistance of the lecturers and employees I was able to do more in the biochemical area than I ever thought possible.

And I also recall the far-reaching effect of Dr. Ellis, who triggered my love of biotechnology in the first place. This was the first move where I am now - at the University of Southern California, where I earned both a Ph. D. in Pharmacy and a Master's in Pharmaceuticals Engineering as well.

Because all my credentials were transfered with ease, it gave me the beginning I needed to continue and finish my studies of nurse education at Grand Canyon University. Today I enjoy a fruitful careers as a care service manager in an ambulatory operating centre, which handles about 500 cases per months.

Soon after I graduated, I got a job as an IT pro at another community college. This was the beginning I needed to get me to where I am now - just before finishing a four-year course of study at a large school.

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