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Which Allyn Medical Devices in Australia

The DocStock is the on-line site for Welch Allyn medicines in Australia. Welch Allyn's latest line of healthcare equipment was launched last August, marking the first big step forward in the area of otoscopic designs in over twenty years. Which Allyn diagnostic sets - innovative for you. The Master Elite family of stethoscopes, the latest Welch Allyn product that takes the ausgecultation world far beyond what youâ??ve known.

Presentation of the Welch Allyn® PanOpticâ"¢ ophthalmoscope. Developed to satisfy the exacting requirements of doctors like you, our new luminaires offer more than just lighting. Allyn MacroView will forever alter the way you look at your ears without altering the way you work. The next level of otoscopes feature sophisticated optical design that increases enlargement while giving you almost full vision of the eardrum diaphragm â?" with practically no pivoting.

PIGMENTATED DERMACLES pigmentated dermacles are often hard to detect but have potentially hazardous outcomes. Since not all pigmentated changes can be detected by their mere medical manifestation, Welch Allynâ??s opens up a new world by providing long-lasting halogen illuminants for realistic tone and 10x the size for more definitive diagnosis.

Which Allynâ?? s high performance, handheld microscope, designed to help you concentrate on the early diagnosis and management of suspected birthmarks and malolor.

The DocStock (

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