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Discovery Times Square - CLOSED - Availability checks - 565 Photos & 285 Ratings - Museums - Theater District - New York, NY - Phone number Usually I wouldn't go out of my way to see the Discovery Museum as the prices are around $29. 50 for adult per single exhibition. However, since I had the New York Pass, I was given the opportunity to select one of three exhibits that were on offer at the exhibition. So, I went with the beloved Star Wars and the might of costumes.

It was a temperate line and waiting period, but once we were let in and could finally see the exhibition for ourselves, it was a good exhibition overall, describing the outfits and the underlying philosophies. This Star Wars exhibition was exceptional and featured some of the most recent characters and requisites (worn by the actresses themselves)!

So the co-worker who welcomed the visitors, presented the exhibition and showed a tape was very excited, smart, funny and well-versed. You can see that he is a real Star Wars aficionado. After the film, the opening door was really trendy, future-oriented and robot-like. So there were dummies with masked and lightsabers that illuminated when a knob was pushed on the platform.

Princess Leia and Natalie Portman were my favourite outfits. The Princess Leia dresses were small and you can get a feeling for how small the figures really were (Darth Vader was very big, over 6 feet). At the end of the show, my favourite part was a display showing a Star Wars style (Sturmtruppe, Darth Vader, etc.) and the player imitating your precise maneuver.

At the end the shop had interesting articles from clothes, book, rucksacks, costumes and more! I' m the first one here for the Marvels exhibit. Too bad it was over. I like both Star War and The Hunger Game, in the end I chose the Star War game.

In the Star Wars exhibit it was about the most interested people from the film part 1-6 show outfits. There was also a small area for the new film The Force Awakens. If you have not seen the film yet. For example, there was a room full of soldiers' helms, really smart. Near the entrance there was a really nice piece of equipment that you could disguise yourself with like a figure and fool around a while... It wasn't really new, but it was a lot of laughs.

there was a souvenir store in front of the door, which they stocked with many different employees under the topic Star Wars. I' m also looking at the souvenir store of the other one. It' kinda awesome, too. I' d probably look at each other again if I had more work.

I' got my New York City passport with me. Only for an exposition. The Discovery Times Square has continuously alternating exhibitions. I' ve been here twice - the first one for her show in Avengers Station and the second one for her show in Avengers. He had transformed the place into an S.H.I.E.E.E.L.D. headquarter with hands-on video game and showcases with your favourite Hero.

Your enjoyment of this place depends on the exhibition. One of the others they had is the Bodies exhibition, a universe of Harry Potter and King Tut. Unfortunately, no mater what kind of exhibits you see, the site is quite small and is a complete rip-off at the normal rate ($25-$30).

I' d only suggest going if you can get a rebate voucher, which is why I went the two ways. While I may have slipped by the Titanic and Harry Potter items, I didn't miss the Star Wars outfit! When we bought the ticketing on line (unlike many other places in the Times Square), we decided to go to lunchtime.

Not too full for the period and date we have chosen, and that's always better. You had 3 different items in different areas at the same timeframe, but we were here for Star Wars. That Star Wars suit exhibition was really well done. Because of the protective clothing the light was low, but that is easy to understand.

Every Star Wars enthusiast should certainly appreciate and appreciate this. At the end of the exhibition there is a souvenir store, which moves in the prize. This place really had a great exhibition and I will certainly come back to visit one of their exhibitions. I came here to see the Star Wars costume show.

It' the coolest and most one-of-a-kind exhibition I've ever seen. Everything that is used by the Star Wars character you see in the film. You' ll also learn how they came up with the concept of the outfit and you'll be surprised how many outfits refer to our time.

Many of the outfits are mainly Jedi, Queen/Senator Padme and Darth Sidious. Some of the best outfits are the R2D2, C3P0, BB-8, Darth Vader, Storm and New Storm Trooper outfits from the Force Awakens. Make sure you verify it, even if you are not a Star Wars enthusiast.

A spoiler alarm.......don't look at my paintings because I took a photo of everything in the exhibition. Entrance here was in my New York passport, so I was quite nervous to see the Star Wars Power of Costumes exhibition. You also have the exhibition Hunger Game, but this is more appealing to me.....

But with the frenzy from the new show I just saw the previous weekend, it just makes perfect sense to go to the exhibition while I'm in New York. But when I saw the outfits and the stories, I was very upset. Who' d have thought that a costume could say so much about a personality!

It is interesting to see how the outfits were designed and inspired by different civilizations. She had such nice outfits and the exhibition showed them very well. I wish more things from the film could have been shown, not just the outfits? Well, we sent to see the exhibition of the Vikings last night, which was a disappointment, to say the least.

I am a huge admirer of story, Hungarians, Tudors, Civil War, etc.... They still call it this exhibition lacked glamour and lacks the bodies that most other items we have on display throughout the town. I think the exhibition could have been so much more enjoyable that the Hungarians have an astonishing story and full of myths that they have not grasped.

I' ve been told that others call Discovery Time Square a touristic pitfall, and after that I have to admit it. It was rather a short, fast, small piece, nothing we saw was awe-inspiring. To be honest, I would have reservations about exhibiting at Discovery in the near fut.

It is definitely a great place for a scientific lesson for the children! Picture my pleasure when I found that Star Wars The Service of Charges was on my New York Pass? As part of the Discovery show, I really had my side of it.

Featuring every individual outfit used not only in the full-length Trilogie and Prequel, but also in The Force Awaken's film! Obviously, you can't pick up the suits and an alert will sound if you do. Come and see this show if you are a Star Wars enthusiast!

I' ve come here a few time now ( "once for the Harry Potter exhibition and once for the Star Wars exhibition). No images were permitted at the HP exhibition. Anyway, you could wear one in a Star Wars outfit. The price is also a bit high for a museum exhibition, especially one that you can visit in a few short lessons (nothing like the other culture galleries in NYC).

We had a funny afternoons at the new Star Wars exhibition recently. He' s a big Star Wars buff and I'm still gaining on the episode, but it was not only instructive but also enjoyable! It' rewarding to take the initiative! I can' t wait to go to another exhibition.

Allow me to begin by saying that I am not a Star Wars enthusiast and have never seen any of the films in his deductible. These were the words we used to go to Discovery Time Square to see the Star Wars Fashion Exhibition. Down the stairs, we were behind a rope snake with a large group of other folks who waited for the door to open the exhibition.

On the opening section is a brief overview of Star Wars, fashion and the exhibition. When the film is finished, a space ship and Voila style gate opens! They' re at the exhibition. I' ll try my best to summarize what was a very nice ending even for a non-Star Wars enthusiast, without going into everything we saw.

Of course, the clothes were really awesome. Styles and characters were perfectly positioned in various classical Star Wars-position. In each area there was information about the style modelled in a specific area. It was a rather large exhibition and it took us about an hours to go through everything.

When you' re not a bigot and you want to take a bigot (which I did), you'll have a great quality period to search and learn with your bigot. In this case, if you're not a big fans and don't know why you're going to read this Star Wars Review..... It was interesting to see the background and background of the suit designs, but everything was too gloomy and I couldn't see the detail.

Since it' s Star Wars, did I expect more interactivity or maybe I expected to hear or hear songs or knobs telling a tale? They were all interesting and gave a great insight into what they exhibited. Hungry game displays were by far the best.

These people had suits, avatars, interactive requisites and visual choices that put you in the picture. It was quite awesome, with so many outfits for all 6 of them. It was a little disappointing to see the corpses. Sure, it was really nice to see parts of the whole organism cut and cubed and enlarged.... but it was a little dull..... and more museum-like.

I was at the Hunger Games with my family. You can see many outfits and some minisets. but I wouldn't be paying $30 to see the exhibition again. and while it was chilly, this place is clumsy.

That Avengers exhibition could have been MAJORLY AWESOME, but it wasn't........ everything because they wouldn't let me take it. Can I photograph some of the most renowned and valuable works of artwork on the planet, but this exhibition? The exhibition was far too expensive for what it was.

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