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You mean, what are the popular destinations, or why do people like the desert? Well, there's a reason they call Dubai the desert city. The Atacama desert, Chile More photos. Are you looking for the possibilities in Palm Desert? The Palm Desert and Coachella Valley offer so much to our visitors.

In the Sahara: 5 enchanting attractions

The Saharan desert stretches over 12 North African states. It' the largest desert in the whole wide open space of 3.6 million square mile. There are sanddunes, cliffs and oases. Approximately one fourth of the region is mountains with the highest summit of 3415 m. Some of the summits are snow-covered.

The Sahara consists of 25% sanddunes and leaves. The Sahara is dotted with many oasis. Pyramid-shaped slopes reach a maximum of 150 m. The form of the hilly slopes varies according to the winds. In the Sahara there are also few streams, but the Nile and Niger are the two continuous stream.

They' re sober most of the year. The Sahara was once a luxuriant verdant country with many seas and waters. However, the Ice Ages seem to have ruined it and what is left today is just clay and some oasis. Nonetheless, the Sahara is a source of many artificial and natural attractions and sights that make the Sahara a great tourist destination.

There are antique memorials and it is ideal for sight-seeing and for those who want to get away in it all. Altogether a great goal for a relaxed and rejuvenated stay. White Desert: In contrast to many artificial wonders of the Sahara, this is a wonderful piece of nature. In principle, it is a set of blocks of chalk which have been excavated by the elements of water and water.

Situated in the Far East part of the Egyptian Sahara. Old temple of oracles, pristine fountains and flowering garden. It is a starting point from which discoverers and visitors can explore the Sahara. It' really a good place to see the desert.

Ten wondrous things to see and do in the Negev desert!

Negev Desert in Israel is a truly breathtaking place and an essential must! Many, especially those used to urban living, are fascinated by the barren desert scenery of the Negev, and even driving through this part of the globe can get you excited.

No wonder that the Negev was described as one of the top parts of the Lonely Planet universe! More than half of Israel's entire surface area is covered by the Negev desert, and although large parts of this desert are deserted, there are a number of gemstones that are well deserved a stop, among them wine cellars, various one-of-a-kind trips through the area and of course some astonishing landscapes.

Are you looking for a DESERT TRAVEL? Have a look at our fantastic desert itineraries! Jeeping through the stunning Negev territory is one of the best ways to get up-close and personal with the Negev Desert. You can usually enquire about most of the accommodations in the Negev, or simply one of the envoy trips we offer here if you are interested in something special!

It is one of Israel's most popular sights and it is not difficult to understand why. The Negev is another good way to enjoy, but at a more relaxed rate, a horseback riding. A number of places where you can take a horseback riding in the Negev, among them Mamshit Camp (08-6552829) near the Kurnub ruin (or Mamshit) and Kfar Hanokdim (08-9950097) between Arad and Masada.

Don't miss our full travel guidebook for horseback riding in Israel. Ramon Cretaceous, one of the many Makhteshim (giant erosive craters) in southern Israel, is one of the Negev locations that could take your breath away. 2. From Mitzpeh Ramon, the best way to get to Ramon is from the city of Mitzpeh Ramon, which has a visitors' centre and a fantastic observation point with breathtaking vistas of the volcano.

Sde Boker is widely known as the home of the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, who in 1953 went there because he believed that the Negev could be grown in a thriving area where the ever-growing Hebrew community could flourish. The Timna Park is considered by many top geologist as one of the main attractions of the Middle East.

An Avdat is a breathtaking desert dale just outside Kibbuz Sde Boker. Away from the well-trodden paths for many visitors, but with a long tradition of antique residents, among them Nabataeans and Catholics, this wonderful footpath with fountains and falls is a big little haven in the centre of the Negev.

The Negev has some great cycle paths for those looking for a true off-road experience as well as for more relaxed, family-friendly cyclists. A few of the most visited trails are Ramon Crater, Yerucham Lake and Haluchim. Contact us if you are interested in a fantastic bike ride through the desert landscape!

When you really want the best desert experiences, we can suggest a visit with a native Bedouin population. It gives an astonishing view of how the Bedouins are surviving in these arduous desert environments, as well as an understanding of the tradition and civilization that have remained unaffected by the contemporary life for hundreds of years.... definitely a one-of-a-kind desert break!

The Negev Wine Road vineyards have some outstanding boutiques, many of which have only recently opened, such as Neot Smadar (Israel's most southerly winery), Sde Boker (next to Ben Gurion's home, see above), Carmey Avdat (next to Mitzpe Ramon) and Yatir (next to the Dead Sea).

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